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Week 17: Feyenoord-NAC

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Friday 14:30

Talk about ruining your Christmas :proud:

Team news for tomorrow:

-André "the rock" Bahia suspended
-El Ahmadi suspended
-Bruins suspended
-Timmer back :yuck:
and off course the usual 100 other injuries

This means we'll probably be seeing:


Tiendalli Lucius Derijck Watermeloen

Fer Van Bronckhorst
Slory Wijnaldum Biseswar


or maybe Mols for either Biseswar or Slory

Prediction: can't be bothered
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Who the hell is Watermeloen?
That would be a nice round vegetable grown in the garden. Nice pink flesh, very watery (watamaleoey?). Wicked Wally.

Hey, Wally, you were using reverse psychology, right? Looks like it worked! WatermelonMan had two assists and Feyenoord run out 3-1 winners.

32:17 FEY Doelpunt Diego Biseswar assist Kevin Wattamaleo
43:43 FEY Doelpunt Leroy Fer assist Giovanni van Bronckhorst
62:05 FEY Doelpunt Leroy Fer assist Kevin Wattamaleo
85:47 NAC Doelpunt Matthew Amoah assist Donny Gorter

Too bad they couldn't keep a clean sheet, but the three points are priceless.

That makes Mayuko happy!
wtf assists?! :D well ok I guess they were. Not that they were really intentional.

Watermeloen 6
Come on, Wally, cut some slack! Let's give WatermelonMan a Christmas present and up this to 6,5 at least. I liked seeing him get up the left side a lot (in the 40 minutes that I saw), which is probably how he ended up with two assists (according to the eredivisie.nl website). Not too sure about the defending, but they let in only one goal which is what a clean sheet is considered this year.

I think that Feyenoord have their back problem solved: WatermelonMan on the left and Tiendalli on the right. Now if they could only conveniently forget what they had promised Club Brugge regarding Derijck. He doesn't seem to be too bad at the back. So not giving up Derijck = not needing to spend any $$$$ on another central defender.

I'm loving the bold and italic options. Gives me the opportunity for a bold/italic em-pha-sis.
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1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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