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Week 11: FC Twente-Feyenoord

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Sunday 14:30

Probably the ideal time to play Twente after their back to back defeats against Man City, 020 and then AZ. Not to forget their tame loss against Utrecht. They definitely don't seem in great form.

That said, it's been ages since we've taken anything away from Enschede but we are at times starting to show some good football.

News is that Biseswar and Bruins are out like Teak mentioned in the other thread and so are Fer, Theo and Tomasson, so to start it'll be:


Tiendalli Bahia Hofland de Cler

El Ahmadi Van Bronckhorst
Wijnaldum Pedro Janota


I don't know with who else Verbeek can start other than with Pedro unless he starts Mols and Makaay up front. Our bench really will have a young feeling to it.

Tiendalli btw will be facing his first real decent left winger in Elia so that should be a good test. I mean he can't do any worse than Theo last season.

Prediction: 4-2 (Huysegems x2 lol, N'Kufo and the racist :yuck: - Makaay & Van Bronckhorst)
I still think we'll lose.
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I've hardly noticed him at Twente. That said I hardly watch Studio Sport nowadays.
Doesn't work

edit: ok, does now. :proud: THanks
Credible performance from us in the 2nd half. Despite our now 15 injuries, we still went for it and that should be applauded.

Now time to hear how long Mols, Wijnaldum, Bahia and others will be out for.
1 - 5 of 20 Posts
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