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Weather Comparison and WC preparations in HK

I was curious as to what the weather's like in Hong Kong and S.Korea, and here's today's night forecasts... As the games will be played in the evenings:

Hong Kong 24 May (http://www.weather.co.uk/weather/tenday/CHXX0049?day=1&vert=WeatherCity&pres=Hong+Kong):
Mostly Cloudy
Min Temp:  24°C
Wind: From the Northeast at 5 mph
Chance of Precip.: 30 %
Avg. Humidity: 73 %

Ulsan, South Korea 24 May (http://www.weather.co.uk/weather/tenday/KSXX0029?day=1&vert=WeatherCity&pres=Ulsan):
Partly Cloudy
Min Temp:  14°C
Wind: From the Northwest at 3 mph
Chance of Precip.: 0 %
Avg. Humidity: 47 %

It does look like HK is hotter and more humid.... And this is the night forcast!!!

I'm hopefull that our players'll be a lot happier playing (and sleeping) in the relatively cooler conditions of S. Korea! I think Hong Kong was good in helping us adapt. Also losing to S.Africa will mean we'll have to concetrate harder on improving our attacking and defending going into the tournament. If we had beaten S.Africa, in what is just a friendly game at the end of the day, we might go into the Brazil game with a bit'f complacency!

I just hope they teams spririts are good and there isn't any demoralisation!

Another positive thing is that we don't have any injuries coming out of our WC warm up games! (fingers crossed)

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It was a clever desicion going to HongKong. We will notice the difference in our teams fitness.
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