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Weak Link??

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of the starting 11 who needs to be replaced? I would like to see a stronger defender so my choice would be Karanka.
I think that Marquez would be a natural. I would like to know what you think. Can Iker perform as he did 99/00 and is Cesar someone we can count on?
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I also would go for a strong defender but with the quality of going forward with the ball as his back might be covered by Helguera.
Given the choice I would take the mighty Thuram as Munitis will be playing at his side :D:D:D
Novena, since you are around I HAVE to ask you this:

Do you think there's ANY chance, even one in a zillion that Redondo will be gone after all? I mean, you sure have your sources in Spain! I've been reading since this morning some alarming news... Diario AS online has a story about Galliani going to Nyon today to convince him. El Mundo Deportivo (yeah, I know, Barca press) is saying that they are putting enormous pressure on him. And a couple of Milanistas in this forum are aready celebrating!

I know exactly what he said in the press conference, I know about the messages of support towards him and I know that he was moved by the fans' reactions but is there even a single chance that he might agree to the transfer?

What do you think? Answer PLEASE!
In today´s football world you can not say from this water I won´t drink.
I know that Luri, Redondo´s agent, has travelled to Milan to find out what is the real offer.
I know that Galliani said he won´t put any pressure on a guy who has stated he doesn´t want to join them.
I believe that Redondo is a true Madridista soul.
Moreover i believe that to design a football project you must trust the coach above all. All of us know what Del-Bosque thinks.

So... although you might be gone I can tell you that this is playing with my nerves. :mad: :mad: :mad:
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