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We will destroy Sapin!!!

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I have a good feeling that we will beat Spain. Our biggest threat will probably be Slovenia!!!

But we will be them too. As for Norway, well, it will be a good one but we'll put them away!!!
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Yugo 2-0 Slovenia
Yugo 2-1 Norway
Yugo 3-1 Spain

those are the picks I am placing at the TAB.
You guys are talking about their senior squads, are you?? :D :D

I heard they are almost as good as the Korean olympic team... :(
tooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, i am glad to see optimistic spirit on this forum. we have a great team and we can achieve something really big on euro2000.
yu-slovenia 4-0
yu-norway 1-0
yu-spain 2-1
Yugoslavia-Spain 2-2
Yugoslavia-Slovenia 3-1
Yugoslavia-Norway 1-0

Parma will fight back...FORZA PARMA!
It's great to see you all so like woohooo over the top:

YU:SPAIN - 0:2
YU:NORWAY - 1:0 or maybe 1:1 OR hopefully as my tata thinks 2:0


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" TARGET=_blank>http://www.crvenazvezda.is-here.net/

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Sorry guys, you never know of course before the game starts, but I honestly think Spain will destroy YOU.
I think the best Yugoslavia will get out of the match with Spain is a draw.
Guys, I was dead serious with my picks. Those are the ones going to the TAB.

Anyway, I definatly think Norway will be our biggest threat. Spain will probobly choke, and dont be supprised if it's Yugo and Norway going through :)...
Well i hope yer right Grobar Otago.....

here's mine

Yugo 1:0 Slovenia
Yugo 2:1 Norway
Yugo 1:1 Spain

Yugoslavia and Spain to go through....easily!!!
Grobar_Otago is it possible to get your money back from the TAB becasue I dont see you winning any money with the way we played agianst Hong Kong.
Thankfully I have not yet placed a bet on these clowns. And, I doubt I will...
Destroying Spain??, hard to believe, should be a very though contest.

Yugoslavia will probably play Netherlands in the quater-finals, revenge from WC 98?
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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