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We need to win tomorrow........

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to stay in 2nd division :depress:
It's very strange, dear friends to stay this, but at the moment this is the sad reality until this season still remains.
Of course a lot of friend lives very far from Genova and for them it's impossible to support Sampdoria as she really needs, but at the moment we need everybody with every sources.
If somebody lives near of Genova or wants to come here to see our town (a lot of beautiful monuments, the biggest Aquarium of Europe and a lot of wonderful historical and natural things) we'll be pleasured to have all of you at our Stadium to save our Sampdoria.
The cost of the ticket is very cheap, I must say just symbolic.
For more information visit our web site www.blucerchiati.net and ask everything you want.
The admins and the writers will be pleasured to reply quickly to your precious questions.

It's easy to be wonderful when we were Great.
Now it's time to demonstrate to be wonderful.
I'm sure we'll exit from this terrible situation.

Thank you for your cooperation and FORZA SAMPDORIA.

ALESSANDRO - Axel67 www.blucerchiati.net
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Hello ,

I am from belgium , so its inpossible to come over to see the game. I hope that te stadium will be sold out. because in this difecult time La Samp need there supporters.

I will try to follow the game by internet.

tommorow La Samp will win !!!!!! You 'll see

wich you guys all the best
Thank you Cedric for your beautiful words you said about our Sampdoria.
Cedric, believe me, it's really so sad to see Sampdoria in this horrible and terrible situation.
Ten years ago in this period I was preparing myself to go to Wembley to see the final of the Champions League against Barcelona and now the risk is to fall in 3rd Italian division :-((((.
Tomorrow I'll think about you when I'll be inside the Stadium; it will help me to sing for Sampdoria for all 90 minutes.
We MUST win.
ALESSANDRO - Axel67 www.blucerchiati.net :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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