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we need some activity

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Football fans it's time to start posting your toughts about our nex match against "las locas" from Argentina.

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2x0 to colombia:)
hope you guys win, and then Brazil will lead the tournament:)
Ze da, I hope Colombia doesn't play the way they did against Brazil. If they do, we'll end up tying, and that's a score I really hate, specially against the arrogants! :p
Colombia should play Argentina with the mentality to win, if they do it'll be an easy cake. Regarding Brazil vs. Uruguay, we want Brazil to win every single game so that our closest contenders don't get points. Uruguay is one of those teams, so I hope Brazil beat them by 5.
6-1 :)
go brazil...but i think argentina is better.

we must beat argentina.
Colombia has not a #10 (playmaker)..is our great problem now.
i think you guys will qualify.
what was your last result?
If you beat the nation that THINKS they are the best of the world (that is a tradition by the way, you guys beating them, 93 was so cool!!:)) you guys will have a big advantage on the other guys.
See cause you guys drew with us, and we will win most of our away games(the only real tough ones are agaisnt Argentina and Uruguay as always) but the rest I think we will win. So theorically you guys got a point out of our game! And now we will train..something we were not doing for lack of time!:( This brazilian team wilo only get good after the Argenitna game, its always like that, we only play when we need to!:(
We din't play crap agaisnt Peru and we beat them, and they have been getting good results!
By the way Rincon socred yesterday from a penalty in the final Santos 2 x 2 Sao Paulo. Sao Paulo are the champions!
Well Colombia I think that we can beat Argentina if we play offensive and make respect our home.

Argentinians are psycho with the altitude theme, they have a lot of fear about it. And I think that there will be a nice oportunuty for a top scorer such as Angel to face against a world class such as Bati. He must be very motivated to score.

Las locas! very funny Ze! :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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