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We need more tribulations to grow

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I have a lot to say ...

1) Stop saying that Argentina is the best in the World

2) and don't suggest we can make 3 strong national teams

In the match, Brazil has given us very tough pressure which stopped our attacks. Frace, Italy, Holland, and Spain(may be) can as well give very tough pressure like Brazil. I wonder how Argentina can score or win towards these nations in the World Cup.

Argentina is passive throughout the match in San Paulo. Brazil dominates all the way. I can't remember how many times have the Brazilians dribbling the ball for 20 yards and enterd our penalty area. Unfortunately, the same thing never happened in Argentina. Among the forward we have have, I think C.Lopez has the best dribbling skill, but he couldn't even crossover or pass well when 1 on 1 with Brazilian one side of the field.

I feel that this match is like Holland VS Italy in Eure 2000. Both Holland and Brazil could control the match and have much better skills. However, Italy have great defence, so they knock out Holland lucky ...penalties at last. On the other hand, Argentina don't have defence like Italy, the same thing will never happen as it did in Italy.
(I mean we are weak in attack under great team's pressure and due to us wrong pass)

I wanna know which stlye do Argentina prefer, defensive or offensive ?

A team who is weak in both is hard to win the World Cup.
(just compare with Brail, Holland, France and Italy)

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Argentina played beutifly in my opinion. this is why I think we lost.

1)Zanetti's absence was felt (although, Almeyda, his repacement, scored)

2)Brazil played with 1-2 passes all throughout the game. We did not cover the Brazilians on the receptions, we just let them run and get the ball.

3)After Zanetti's injury Veron took over and all of his passes where on the air not on the ground.

4)Ortega played a great 1st half, but should've been replaced at half time not in the latter stages of the match.

5)Claudio Lopez should've also been replaced, he was not see in the match.

6)We did't capitalize on the great chance we had, specially in the 1st half.

7)When we were losing 3-1 in the second half we were playing like we were winning, what's up with that? very slow paced.

Bilesa, you choked on the substitutions and their timing.

PS--We are still on top

PPS-- We'll get you in Buenos Aires.
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4-4-2, I agree with you in that we need tribulations to grow collectively as a team and as a unit. Apparently, our overconfidence was more than apparent on the pitch. We have to continue to work on the fundmamentals, in order for us to obtain a level of stature that would distinguish Argentina as a potentially great team.
well i guess , u guys u just rely on scores to evaluate a team, if arg draw u will say , arg is the best
well in my opinion, it's normal for brasil to win
don't forget they were under pressure and brasil's destiny
and coach were in the hand's of argentina
so they put all their effort in that game
although they played deffensively better than us
and deserves to win , but they weren't impressive that much
argentina won 5 matches , and in every game the majority
of the teams don't perform always in the same way
especially we are playing in brasil, we are still on top
we beat 5 previous teams easily which brasil had difficulties to overcome, so i can say we are still good
but we need to improve our defennse system
and give chances to gallardo, aimar redondo,riquelme
and then we can come up and select the ideal selection
but so far we are good, justwait and see bra and arg in benos aires, and i guess we will still leading the qualifying games
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Why is losing ths match such a big deal? Because our aim is being the champion of World Cup 2002. However, Brazil beat us in 90 mins with a beautuful defeat.

I think the 90 mins is the show time of Brazil. Argentina can hardky break Italy and France's defence. So...

I think Biasa should give more opportunities for Amar and Gallardo for they can replace Ortega. And Argentina needs more young, creative and skillful fowards.

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Oh here we go again...

4-4-2: One game doesn't mean Argentina can't penetrate the French or Italian defense. I wouldn't be so hasty and make so many changes as you would, afterall Argentina isn't Brazil. The team is fine right now. Ortega is playing great. The only probelem I see is Veron not being great. But maybe he is just slumping. Also Kily doesn't seem to impress me that much anymore either? Am I wrong about Kily and Veron or am I just seeing things?

1) Stop saying that Argentina is the best in the World
2) and don't suggest we can make 3 strong national teams

why not 4-4-2..?

1)Take ONLY 30 best players from Argentina and compare them with any nations in the world.
2)We have four players (Crespo,Batigol,Veron,Lopez) among the list of 10 world's most expensive players.
3)Also the most expensive defender in the world..Samuel.

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Analysis of the match

Brazilian strong points
  • Great technique and individual qualities most players;
  • put very much pressure on us stopping attrack
    =>No free space available to build-up our attacks
    =>we have a lot of wrong passes
  • ........
Argentine weak points
  • a result of sysltem 3-5-2, we should change to 4-4-2
  • Build-up of attacks was often slow
  • Switching from defence to attack was also slow
  • defence, not very strict
  • Doesn’t had Good wing on both side, poor performances in 1 on 1
  • organization, individual performances couldn’t see in the match
  • team work was not enough
  • give up mentality after 1 - 3
  • Set pieces : Nothing planned to beat Brazil
  • Abilities to read the game is weak
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There are a lot of merits in 4-4-2's post.

Another good review is Ziad Zideh's http://www.gabrielbatistuta.net/argentina/brazil_afa/news07282000.html

We may not like it but this was what happened.

Our defense was weak.
Our/my beloved Veron was not performing last night, nor last week against Ecuador.
Our/my beloved Crespo missed his chances.
Our/my beloved Claudio was not seen last night.
Even Simeone made some mistakes.
Our/my beloved Bati ... was not there.

Until last night, we had not really tested our full strength. Now we will have to face Paraquay, we will have to face Passarella's :( Uruguay ... before we go on to deal with Holland, France, Italy.

No, it's not good enough to say "hey it's Brasil." It's time to think through our problems while we are still leading with 15 points.
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forgot one main reason why we lost

Bonano, Ayala is the worst player. The two brazilian goals is totally their faults
Yo 4-4-2 are you 4-4-2 from http://www.wldcup.com?

As for your comments. For me Argentina are still the best team right now.

And argentina should not switch to a 4-4-2 they should continue to play the 3-4-3 or 3-5-2 or 3-4-1-2 at home an dplay the 4-5-1 at home with CLudio Lopez on the left and Ortega or Aimar on the right and Zanetti and Simeone in centralmidfield with And either Ortega or Aimar behind the one central striker.

pocnetino or Sorin should come into defence for away games.
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