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We don't want pires, because if he comes, then OVermars is leaving. Pires is good, but not Overmars quality. Please don't join us, Pires. Tell your mate Thuram we wouldn't mind him though.

Arsenal seem to have won the race to sign French midfielder Robert Pires after he heaped praise on Highbury boss Arsene Wenger. The 27-year-old, is currently deliberating over a £6m move to Arsenal or European Champions Real Madrid.

Arsene Wenger has revealed that Arsenal should find out on Monday if Marseille's Robert Pires will join the club.

Hope he doesn't :mad:

I believe wenger originally made his 'revelation' (only by arsenal standards) on sky tv, It was then proliferated, widely, through the print and electronic media.

If pires is going to announce his final verdict on our great club, sometime on monday. I would think it would be likely to be in our favour, given that all transfers at real are currently suspended while they find someone new to drive them even further into the red. Since, if they are unable to negotiate, how can he possibly choose to sign for them?

While I don't think his arrival, assuming he does, will necessarily prompt the departure of overmars. Given that wenger has been sniffing after him for a couple of years now, which during most of, overmars future was never a doubt. I must admit my ardour for his signiture has diminished considerably, each whine of 'real madrid are my dream club...blah...blah....blah' further bleaching my desire. So quite frankly, I don't give a flying phuck.

For the sake of my post count....

Driver X,

Against the dutch, pires played on the left side of the central midfield, a position hitherto unknown to him. So, while his performance was by no means spectacular, I feel it was incouraging since it illustrated his flexibility as a player, someone not just capable of making sub-overmars runs up the channels.....but someone alse able to defend and tackle when required.

Pires is a gunner, officially today.

I think you should be happy. Pires is a great, versatile midfielder with his best games yet to come.

Pires seems to be a tosser, so he possibly should of gone to madrid, where he would of fit in better.

However, his presence to some extent may be beneficial to the team, since it would add craft and creativity to the midfield. Something we currently only get now through kanu and dennis.

MADRID (Reuters)(DS) - French international winger Robert Pires said he wanted to
join Champions League winners Real Madrid but Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger
had persuaded him to move to the London club.
"I would have preferred to have played for Real Madrid but the words of Wenger
gave me more security," he said in an interview with Spanish sports daily Marca on
"I have been talking to Wenger since last December. With respect to Real Madrid,
I had only talked to Pirri (Real Madrid technical director Jose Martinez Pirri). I never
got to talk with (Real Madrid coach Vicente) Del Bosque."
Pires said the problems his national team mate Nicolas Anleka had experienced at
Real were also a factor in him opting for Arsenal.
"It has been a dream for me to play for Real Madrid since I was small but I didn't
want what happened to Anelka to happen to me as well," Pires told Marca.
"Nico was a signing of the president and did not fit in with the plans of the coach.
My decision to sign for Arsenal was not just about money but also the opportunity to
Pirri suggested in Marca that Pires had performed a disappearing act while he was
trying to finalise a deal to take him to Madrid.
"We knew that the player was interested in talking to Del Bosque," he said. "I tried
to contact him (Pires) but that proved impossible. We'd call him and he would not
"However, it's not important. We are not upset. If a player does not want to come
to Real Madrid he's free to go where he wants."
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