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We are not alone....

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Before I start, I think I should say that I know this is Lupetto's job, but even so:

Torino - Bologna suspected of match-fixing !

The 1-1 score in the match on Saturday made a huge scandal in Italy. Telepiu Tv's microphones recorded a dialogue between the Torino players Danielle Delli Carri and Fabio Galante, ended by the last one: "Let them score !". The 2 players were called at the Federation to give explanations.
Bologna is fighting for a place in the Champions League, while Torino is on the 8th place, with nothing to wory about"

ProSport, 8 apr. 2002
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in fact, one of the Torino players told the other "far fare gol", word by word it means "let make goal", or in proper English "to score". Now they're trying to see if he said " let's try to not let him score" or " let's let him make goal". Romania is not the only country where there's corruption (and I feel so much better knowing that!!! :D ) but in our Championship this phenomenon is more acute... :(
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