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WC Qualifier: Armenia - Turkey

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Armenia - Turkey, September 6.


Volkan Demirel - Fenerbahce
Serdar Kulbilge - Kocaelispor
Tolga Zengin - Trabzonspor

Gokhan Gonul - Fenerbahce
Ugur Kavuk - Antalyaspor
Servet Cetin - Galatasaray
Ibrahim Kas - Getafe
Mehmet Polat - Gaziantepspor
Gokhan Zan - Besiktas
Hakan Balta - Galatasaray
Caglar Birinci - Denizlispor
Ugur Boral - Fenerbahce

Kazim Kazim - Fenerbahce
Serdar Ozkan - Besiktas
Gokdeniz Karadeniz - Rubin Kazan
Mehmet Topuz - Kayserispor
Ayhan Akman - Galatasaray
Mehmet Aurelio - Betis
Emre Belozoglu - Fenerbahce
Selcuk Inan - Trabzonspor
Nuri Sahin - Dortmund
Mehmet Topal - Galatasaray
Tuncay Sanli - Middlesbrough
Arda Turan - Galatasaray

Halil Altintop - Schalke
Mevlut Erdinc - Sochaux
Semih Senturk - Fenerbahce
Gokhan Unal - Trabzonspor
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That's why I said when you look at the squads the level of the difference in skillful players is immense. Turkiye's players overwhelm Armenia's by a longshot. But yeah we do struggle against minnow teams at times and Armenia are the exact replica of Malta. Let's see hopw the game goes, hopefully people will behave.
I do however see this as different from playing other minnows in that there is a motivational factor.

It might not have qualification riding on it (the second game will however), but there is some things at stake, and when our team has something to play for they fulfill their potential.
I wouldn't say we fulfill our potential; we just find incredible ways to get the job done in terms of the result
It's true lan, I can't recall a game in the last five years where we actually played to our potential :D
That last Germany game was above and beyond the potential of that squad. Ayhan, Kazeem, Sabri, . . I feel like throwing up already :D
Yeah, but even then we didn't play to it, we ridiculously exceeded it :howler:
i remember jumptv had the euro qualifying matches for purchase, any place showing the WC ones?
Aurelio got injured in his first match for Real Betis.

No Hamit, and possibly no Aurelio and Emre. Who will play centre midfield ????

I've got my money on Topal and Inan if Aurelio and Emre are out.



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Nuri - Topal :happy:

This line-up would be pretty cool, obviously though Kazim will play instead of Mehmet Topuz, and Semih will start instead of Mevlut. Nuri I don't even dream will start unfortunately.



Arda - Nuri - Topal - Topuz

Hakan - Servet - Zan - Gokhan

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I hope one of these days we finally get a really good left back.

Looking at the squad above the quality descrepency between the rest of the positions and our leftback is glaring.

No knock on Balta he is the best option we have no but that isn't saying much.
You could argue that central defense is just as bad, if not worse
Don't worry guys, in 6 years, I'll be starting left back for us :D
Aurelio will join NT anyway. Betis cannot rule him out from NT - unless the injury is outright serious.
You could argue that central defense is just as bad, if not worse
Say what you want about a guy like Servet for example but he is head and shoulders a better CB than Balta is a LB.

We rarely ever see Hakan Balta shine in a big game, the best he'll do is be decent and not make a mistake. How many times have we seen Servet turn into an absolute beast in big games?

I personally wouldn't compare Servet and Balta, I don't think it is much of a contest.

People are welcome to disagree.
Soooooo, is anyone else as un-excited as I am about this match? :lazy: :yawn: :sleepy: :dontcare:
As long as we qualify I'll be happy. Since the 3 points from this game will go to that end, I want those 3 points.

If we lose this game and still qualify this game like all the other rest we've lost will become irrelevant.
Except we'll have some insignificant shits* talking about it for the rest of our lives.

* Insignificant shits because of their low level of intelligence, not their nationality.
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