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WC Qualifier: Armenia - Turkey

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Armenia - Turkey, September 6.


Volkan Demirel - Fenerbahce
Serdar Kulbilge - Kocaelispor
Tolga Zengin - Trabzonspor

Gokhan Gonul - Fenerbahce
Ugur Kavuk - Antalyaspor
Servet Cetin - Galatasaray
Ibrahim Kas - Getafe
Mehmet Polat - Gaziantepspor
Gokhan Zan - Besiktas
Hakan Balta - Galatasaray
Caglar Birinci - Denizlispor
Ugur Boral - Fenerbahce

Kazim Kazim - Fenerbahce
Serdar Ozkan - Besiktas
Gokdeniz Karadeniz - Rubin Kazan
Mehmet Topuz - Kayserispor
Ayhan Akman - Galatasaray
Mehmet Aurelio - Betis
Emre Belozoglu - Fenerbahce
Selcuk Inan - Trabzonspor
Nuri Sahin - Dortmund
Mehmet Topal - Galatasaray
Tuncay Sanli - Middlesbrough
Arda Turan - Galatasaray

Halil Altintop - Schalke
Mevlut Erdinc - Sochaux
Semih Senturk - Fenerbahce
Gokhan Unal - Trabzonspor
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Just so you know how hard the Armenians will try in this game, you just have to glance at their forum. They're actually sharing the schedule information (i.e., Turkey's flight number, chosen hotel etc) :howler:

Man I hope our federation aren't as dumb as I suspect. A mass Armenian gathering outside of the wrong hotel would be way too funny.

You get the feeling they might try and pull some bad shit even before the game. As long as nobody is seriously hurt, I hope they do. It might save us from having to play two matches to get our 6 points ;)
Though history tells us that it's often Turkey who's lucky to scrape a point or three against the likes of Moldova, Malta, and . . you get the point.
I do however see this as different from playing other minnows in that there is a motivational factor.

It might not have qualification riding on it (the second game will however), but there is some things at stake, and when our team has something to play for they fulfill their potential.
That last Germany game was above and beyond the potential of that squad. Ayhan, Kazeem, Sabri, . . I feel like throwing up already :D
Nuri - Topal :happy:

This line-up would be pretty cool, obviously though Kazim will play instead of Mehmet Topuz, and Semih will start instead of Mevlut. Nuri I don't even dream will start unfortunately.



Arda - Nuri - Topal - Topuz

Hakan - Servet - Zan - Gokhan

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Except we'll have some insignificant shits* talking about it for the rest of our lives.

* Insignificant shits because of their low level of intelligence, not their nationality.
You only have to read every second or third post I make on XT to see how I feel about Kazim, I'm his biggest fan :proud:

Kidding :D

I find him technically quite good, but lazy, unintelligent and lacking team mentality.

He has the makings of a good player, but the brains of a fart (fısss yaptı gitti). He makes life hard for his teammates, because they don't ever know what he's going to do.

He plays on the right wing though, so Erdinç isn't in competition with him for a position on the team. Mevlüt has to compete more with Nihat, Tuncay, Semih and Halil Altintop. Now that Nihat is out for a few months, Mevlüt should hopefully get his chance to score his first international goal soon.
To people in Aus, the game is on Setanta at 6:45am Sunday morning.

06:45 - Football: World Cup Qualifier - Turkey v Armenia
Superb action from Turkey's World Cup qualifier with Armenia. Can the glories of Euro 2008 continue for the Turks against their lowly opponents?
It's due to different TV rights in different territories.

For example, the game rights are owned by Setanta in Australia, so if NTV had a satellite feed into Australia, it would have to block access to the match because they don't have the rights to show it here.
A 650kbps stream is pretty good quality, definitely watchable, and equivalent to what JumpTV had to offer if I recall.

JumpTV was good with customer complaints though, I sent them an email after the ISP I was using (which happens to be Australia's second biggest telephony firm) died in the arse and lost service all over about half of Sydney. No phone, Internet, and even my mobile died on me.

I sent JumpTV an email to explain that I couldn't use the service I paid for, and said they can check their logs to confirm that I didn't login to watch the match at all. They replied by giving me a refund, plus two 24 hour passes! So I was able to watch the match I missed via replay, as well as every other full match & highlights played that day, and then the same thing for the next match which was 4 days later.

All I wanted was like $7 paid back to me? :D
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. . . and Kazim sucks.

In a game that's going to require working hard more than anything, for once, IT HAS TO BE MEHMET TOPUZ!
Arda what a player .. I love him, very good and a great futur to him.

But where is Atintop in your team ? he is OK for this game no ?
He broke his foot before Euro 2008 in an international friendly, and missed a few months. He came back from injury at the start of Euro, but apparently wasn't completely healed, and after Euro he started having pains again.

Bayern Munich has recommended an extended rest for him, so he's out injured.
In more, it's funny to see how our defense will be explosed by ONE player. Topuz, it's the superman turc ?
It's not that he'll expose the Armenian defence, it's that he's a much more complete footballer than Kazim.

Mehmet Topuz works hard, he defends, attacks and links up with his teammates. Basically, he's a complete midfielder who can create chances, score goals and do his share of defensive work.

Kazim is lazy as we've been talking about already, and with him in midfield it's like playing with a man less. If a team works hard in midfield, they'll get the upper hand because Kazim doesn't help his team.

Mehmet Topuz does help his team, so if the opposition wants to take control of the midfield they won't do it just by working harder, they'll actually have to have more substance to their game.
Fazla da genç kadro olmasin, onlarin genç Türklerden ne kadar nefret ettiklerini biliyorsunuz :neutral:

Mevlüt's in form, as is Tuncay. Semih isn't necessarily out of form either, it's a nice little headache to have.
Kazim sucks? He's better than you!
Listen, Kazim is young, immature, and cocky.
However you can't deny his skill, ive seen it in game with Fener and Turkiye. If he can overcome the first part, he can be excellent.

He'd be turkish superstar #1 right now if those shots that hit the post against Germany went in...

Nevertheless, just give him time, and give him the much needed exposure in these WC Qualifiers, he'll be PRIMO for WC12
Are you Kazim?

This guy seemingly gets more hype about him than even Arda sometimes, and there isn't a single aspect to Kazim mentally or technically that is even close to Arda.

I think people who claim Kazim is a big talent are the same sorts of people who claim that Zinedine Zidane is overrated because he's not flashy enough.
Talk about a bland start to a lazy Sunday morning :lazy:

I think the highlight of the game for me was counting the plastic bags flying across the field, sizi maylon torbacilar sizi.

Really a disappointment after all that was said and done on the Armenian side. The stadium was basically empty, their team (whom they guaranteed us wouldn't give us three points) was terrible in every facet of the game. Their was no passion in the crowd, it was like an Istanbul B.B. crowd. Nothing, except like I said, those plastic bags flying across the field from first whistle to last.

Our team, well, not all that great and a lot to be worked on, but still a good result in what was supposed to be a difficult game. I don't even want to think what a defence with Servet, Gokhan Zan and Hakan Balta will look like against Villa & Torres though.
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So instead of spending your last minutes with someone you love, with family, or with a high class prostitute, you'd rather be watching Turkey v Belgium? :D
You just have to stick a pen into the reset hole, and then wait for the 3 lights to turn green again. I don't know why they make them so damn difficult.
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