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Well to sum up this world cup,one word come to my mind: Disappointing

The world cup,the best sporting show on earth by far,always have many great moments,great matches and the born of some legend players.But unfortunately,I dont see any of these happen in Japan and Korea.This is a world cup surounded by controversy,and tireness,yes,tireness!
U see Franz Beckuenbauer says it correctly,players in European played too many matches a season,how can u put up a good show or play to ur best with 50-60 matches in ur feet?!This is for sure one of the reason why so many big teams were underperforming.Many stars in the WC carrying injuries and this really harm the quality of the show,no doubt!


The other thing is I cannot believe the poor quality of refereeing in this world cup,IN THE WORLD CUP!!!An event which is supposed to feature the best players and officials in the world!Officials are surely part of the game,but I cannot believe the poor standard of it!No Kiddin for those who like me have followed nearly the whole world cup would know that this time,about 5-6 out of 10 offside call is wrong!Many potentially valid goals disallowed!This is really ridiculous and unacceptable in big event like this and for the stakes that high!And I remember in the Senegal-Denmark match,when Fadiga so to take the corner,the linesman somehow tell him to tidy his shirt!I laughed my arse off!THis is pathetic I mean what's the point of it?!!More amusing is that a few minutes later Fadiga's shirt is not tidy again and he went to take the corner but this time the linesman just let him go,this is pathetic to say the least!The other issue was diving,I cant count how many deliberately diving in this WC,and quite a few was successfuly deceived the ref and some got punished!This is really ironic that b4 the world cup this was the issue FIFA publicly addressed that they would concentrate on players' diving and at least 4-5 diving was successul in this WC!I just hope FIFA could investigate this and hopefully do something to improve the refereeing of the world cup in the future cuz the standard of these so called "world class" referee could compare those standard of the referee in my home,Hong Kong,simply pathetic!

-Best team

Even Brazil won the world cup last night I still dont think they were that convincing.In fact there aint any team that can we definitely say the best in this world cup!Hopes are high before the torunament for Argentina,France,Italy,Portugal but in the end they all disappoint us hugely!Quite frankly the main reason for their failure is the coach.


They have by far except Italy the best squard in the WC,unfortunately,and they play a 3-4-3 or rather 3-6-1 system.Bielsa failed to acknowlege that,even though with their individual brilliance,they cannot produce the goods and to me it was because the system they use.They have just considered 2 goals in WC and both from dead ball so their defence should not be a problem,they have the best midfield by far in the tournament so the problem was in the attack!He used Ortega down the right and Lopez/Kily down the left with Batigol the lone striker up front.And I have observed that and I'm sure many would agree with me,he should have play 2 forwards!Too many times from their 3 matches in this WC,there is one Batigol as the target man and whenever the ball was too near or too far for him,there aint anyone to recover the position in the box,this was more obvious in the Sweden game!I'm sure if Crespo or other one to help Batigol the result would have been different!This would easily be done to play a 4-4-2 or 3-5-2!I dont understand why Bielsa use 3 left side players,Placente,Sorin and Lopez,if Lopez was supposed to partner Batigol then he was way too wide and far from Batigol!The most upset day for me in the world cup was to see Argentina go out of the World Cup,I'm not a fan of Argentina but I think they deserve more and I know without them,this WC will not be the same and this was true...


They deserve to go out,no doubt!It seems besides the lack of energy,the players were lack of the enthusiasm they had in WC98 and Euro2000.What's more was the wrong choice of players by Lammere.Already b4 the WC many people doubt the reliability of the aging French defence,with Leboeuf-Desailly at the back,and it proved the critics right.The first match against the Senegal they have been exposed by the pace of thier little brothers,and I cant believe their stubborn coach still use the same back 4 against the pacy Uraguay forward line in the 2nd match!The mistery was why he was reluctunt to use Candela,I dont think he need to prove anymore his quality with his brilliance in Serie A!But still,he get benched!The defence could be more reliable with Thuram in his favorite centre position to partner Desailly with Lizarazu on the left and Candela to the right.And no one will ever know the reason why a medicore playe like Dugarry would be a candidate to replace Zidane and Henry!This guy can just slow ur game down and make life easier for the opposition!Why not use the energetic and the player who most eagarly to prove himself,Cisse?!Why leave it so late until the final minutes of the game to bring him on?!THese were fatal tactical choice IMO.However,I should note that despite all these mistake,France was really unlucky to have hit the most time and time again throughout the tournament and the injury in pre- WC training for Zidane and the harsh red card for Henry.This is the time I think for the transition for the French squard,I hope they could regroup and become once again a powerful force that we know in the last 4 years!


U just cannot afford a bad game in the WC,if u do u'll pay the price!THe unbeliebale first 45 mins of Portugal's WC journey have killed them!Their defence was non-existent at that game vs USA,maybe like us we didnt expect US played so well,however that should not be an excuse cuz all 3 goals was due to the mistake of the defence,bad goalkeeping,bad positioning of defenders made them pay!It was too late to wake up when u're 3 goals down.ANyone who watched the Poland match would feel sad for the elimation of the Portugese.That was the Portugal that we knew,smooth,quick and entertaining football!THat was the Portugal2000!When we thought they could salvage themselve with the chance vs Korea,they blew it!What was Joao Pinto thinking?!When u're 1 man down especially vs the Koreans U'd have little chance to turn things around!A players with his experience cannot keep his head cool was quite amazing,and that was a silly tackle for sure!Things doesnt look any better with another send-off.However,credits to them to be able to fight back with 9 men and have several chance to salvage a draw but when u missed the chance like Nuno Gomez,u know u dont deserve to go through!I was sad as neutral cuz we all know how enjyable can be to watch the Portugese play,and for many players out there that could be their only chance to take part in the WC,to end in this way must be inconsolable.But this is football,and they have only themselves to blame.


I will open a thread dedicate only to them,to those sore losers!


Brazil the champions as I said was not that impressive.They have a relatively easy schedule,only England and Germany could give some pressure.If Rivaldo said this was a Brazil that was stronger than the one at 98,he gotta be kiddin me!I dont see anymore the dominance of Brazil in the past,even they didnt look that entertaining this time compared in the past,well u might think they were very entertaining vs China and vs Costa Rica but that were China and Costa Rica!THe best match they have played to me was the first one,vs Turkey.The defence was leaky at the beggining especially vs Costa Rica,but improved hugely then,I was most impressed by the fact that they had a clear advantage over Europeans like Belgian,British and the Germans in the box for the aerial department!They all cant break their wall down except Lucio gifting Owen!the fact that the European expecience for Lucio and Roque Junior contribute much!I can tell u that the only thing that make me happy when Brazil won the WC is only for Ronaldo for everything he has been through and for attacking football!The attitute and the sportmanship of them delect my respect to them.First the Rivaldo incident.THen after the final whistle against CHina,all the players head stright back to the locker roon,not even shaking hands with them let alone swapping shirt.And then last night I saw Cafu's tackle on Jeremies was disgraceful to me!THey win surely but they didnt win my respect!Well,it doesnt really matter right?!Cuz in the end they just wanna win,they dont care any other things!Ronnie,Congratulazione!!


High expectation b4 the WC and I think they did a pretty good job.THe first game was encouraging in the first half but in the second they seemed nervous.The second match vs Argentina was by far the best I've ever seen for England!Excellent defending,superb midfield and great counterattack football!They fully deserved that victory!The match vs Nigeria no need to mention,to me,by far the most boring match in this WC!Vs the Danes they didnt really get any trouble.Unfortunately they cant hold on vs Brazil for the lead and they can say nothin about the Ronaldinho goal,Seaman should not be blamed IMO.But after 1-2 they have shown their inability in attack when they face a tight defence.That's what the need to look into in the future.But for sure in the next WC2006,England will be more stronger!With the likes of Rio Ferdinand,A.Cole,Gerrard,Dyer,J.Cole,Owen,Heskey all in the peak of their career with those not too old veterens Campbell,Neville,Scholes and Bechkam,they could be a real candidates to life the world cup!

#The rest

Just wanna share some opinions on some other teams!The most impressive teams in this tornament to me was Turkey,Korea,the US.They are for sure not only fortunate to go that far!The US played some very very good football,fast,simple and enjoyable to watch!This really surprised me!Watch out for them in WC06!I dont surprise the Korean to play well but not that well!U could see it clearly,they have little difference now with the big teams in the world!They have unbeliavable energy,pace and techniques too!It was amazing to see an Asian team play so well!And for sure there were a few refereeing favours them but this cannot take away their achievement!They FULLY deserved to be there!Turkey was the best performing European team IMO,
They have a good keeper,solid defence,and impressive midfield,if they have the Hakan Sukur in Galatasary days,they might just can do even more!I was so impressed with their midfield,I liked Tuguy really much when i first saw him at Blackburn,his distribution to the ball was simply brilliant!!And the fact the our little cute micky mouse Emre :D played such an excellent WC make me very happy!Hasan Sas's performance was no less than impressive!Unfortunately this Turkish team would be very different should they go into WC06.Hopefully they could produce more good young players!In any case,they will be a force to reckon in European football!

-Best player

Almost every world cup there is/are some new legend borned,from Pele to Cryuff,Bechanbauer,Zico,Maradona,Baggio,Zidane...But sadly to say there aint anyone in Korean/Japan 2002!So I can only point out the player that impressed me most,a player that b4 the WC I know very little and be surprised by him in the WC.To me,that will be Hasan Sas of Turkey.This guy has great skills really and have the confidence to take on defenders!He is a special talent for sure and no wonder Roma want him!I'm sure he can play many roles in attack with his skills rather than only on the left in Turkey.Of course he cant be compared to those legends I mentioned but he is to me,the best player of the tournament!

-Best match

Every world cup there must be some memorable matches like in WC94 I still remember that great match between Argentina and Romania.And WC98 the match between Dutch and Argentina!This time around,again,unfortunately there aint really a match that I really considered as the best match of the tournament!After thinking for a while I think of 3 matches.Uraguay-Denmark,Uraguay-Senegal and South Korea-Turkey.For the quality I think Uraguay-Denmark was the best,both team played brilliant football and scored great goals.The Uraguay-Senegal one provide great drama!If Morales could have scored that header from close range,this could be the best comeback I 've ever seen in WC!The Korea-Turkey match both team played open and entertaining football.What;s more,after the match,we all saw something that was rare in football or even the world.Both teams' players holding hands,shouder to shoulder to thanks the fans,that is what sportmanship is all about!Unlike those "great" Italians and Brailians players!

-Best goal

Again,not too many great goals in this world cup,those are the ones I cant think of:

1)Diao (Senegal-Denmark) *What a counterattack
2)Tomasson (Denmark-Uraguay) *What a teamwork goal
3)DL of Ura (Danmark-Uraguay) *Volley from corner
4)Forlan (Uraguay-Senegal) *Volley from 25 yards
5)Borghetti (Mexico-Italy) *Superb header
6)Park-Ji Sung (Korea-Portugal) *Reapeat of Pele's goal
7)Chevas (Paraguay-Slovenia) *Brilliant individal effort
8)Wilmots (Belgium-Japan) *Overhead kick
9)Lee kel Yoo (Korea-Turkey) *Great free kick
10)Ronaldinho (Brazil-England) *Class or luck

The best one to me was the counterattack by Senegal and scored by Diao!That was simply brilliance!

-General comments

This is a world cup of drama,controversy and disappointment.Despite Korea amazingly into the semi-finals,quite frankly this is a world cup to forget.Poor officiating,over-conservative approach by the big team and tired star players make this world cup,IMO,the worst out of the 4 WC I've seen.I wish this is just this time and not a trend.FIFA must look into the referee standard of this tournament and look for some solutions,whether 2 referees or electronic thing,things must be done to improve the soccer matches!And UEFA and countries' football association must try to reduce the matches a player to play in a season,if things are not done then it can only reduce the attractiveness to the supposedly the best sporting show on earth!Stop over-focusing on the business side of the WC and coachs should not over-focusing on results,u gotta play to win,not play 8 at the back and hope the 2-3 players up-front could have a fortune!This is not the football we know,football is happy,enjoyable,not stress and anger!Even though,sadly,this seemed already a trend of the world.But at least,we hope for the better...

A long post I know,I hope it wont discourage u from sharing ur opinion and give me some feedback of what u think of this World cup 2002!Thx!


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there're some moments you've forget, joeyue.
1. Thomas Linke had his foot on Rivaldo's stomach and he didnt receive a card. it remind me when Zidane took his foot on his opponent's stomach in WC98 and he was sent off.
2. Edmilson made a bicycle kick and it was a goal when Costa Rica vs Brazil.
3. the most beautiful goal in tournament, IMO, Milan Rapaic's strike to find Buffon's net ;)

which team is your favorite anyway? do you like to watch Pipo "the king of diving" Inzaghi or a beautiful football :rolleyes:

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Tonjaw,thx for reminding me,Linke deserved a red card there,so did Cafu!Edmilson goal was brilliant that could add to the golden ball list.And btw,that goal for Croatia in fact was an own goal by Materazzi,few people acknowledge that!;)

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