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Watch out for ROMA !!!

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Ok I think we can all see a pattern here - ROMA are spending big bucks on the upcoming season.

Nakata, Batistuta ( but that transfer is just crazy ), Emerson ( voted best player in bundesliga and almost won Leverkusen the title ).

I think we can still expect one more mega player going to Roma ( Toldo ).

Still looks like Roma are going about this the wrong way. What are they going to do with Emerson, Nakata and Totti ?? I mean Emerson and Totti ok but one of Emerson and Nakata or Totti Nakata will be benched and that´s not a cheap benchwarmer.

Roma are looking like the team to beat next season but the Bati transfer looks awfully short term thinking too me.

Forza Lazio !!
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They 're going after Jardel aswel!
And Morientes.
If one transfer failes they have many other options.
Lets just hope they don't get Jardel.
I am convinced that the team who will buy him, will be the winner of next year scudetto.

I know, strong words but I mean it: this man is gold! I know some of you will try to kill me after saying this ( certainly Vito Corleone :)) but I think he is better than Bobo in many aspects.

Roma has a real problem. They only buy forwards, attackers and strikers.
Look at their defence and midfield, total rubbish !
This was the problem Lazio had but Erickson fixed it with a brilliant midfield.

Just look at the teams now:

Lazio won the double and Roma is... well I don't remeber in what place but deep enough.
i can´t believe what i´m reading about batistuta and roma. if those amounts mentioned are true, sensi´s got be off his marbles.

you don´t pay 35 mil$ for a thirtyone year old striker, let alone the added wage of an easy 6 mil$! one season, knee goes baam. whoops he´s finished. investment dead as a dotcom business. well, what do i know.

They are crazy for some recent success...especially with Lazio's!
But they need to strike a balance! This is ridiculous!
Emerson has already the loser mentality needed to play in r**a: Bayern has won the title. Bati wants to win something so I'm not sure that he will go there. Nakata is very unuseful for r**a because is a player like totti. I think that r**a will have another sad season. Today I have read that Bati prefers Lazio also if he would gain 9mld of lire instead of 11 at r**a! But I think he will go to Inter.
Don't worry !
Transfer doesn't mean everything in football.Otherwise in Italy Inter were the champions everyyear.Also we can say same thing for Real Madrid and Chelsea...
Roma played good football this year.And if they can feinforce their team ..yes they can be dangerous...But they had a good forward this year as well, with Montella,Delvecchio and Totti.They need a better defence and midfield.If they can do it they can MAY BE compete for the title.
But it is not that easy.Lazio are in the top flight for 7 years.So,They need more time.If they can catch a good stability ...

Just one wish ...Roma in B
well to me i hope that batistuta is not going there ..
this man is not human being at all
i wish him in lazio
ya rab :")))))
and they can buy any player they won,t lazio plays with the spirit that we all have to coporate giving it to them
bye for now
Indeed it´s a high gamble to take when you buy a 31 year old striker for 30$ and then add a mega wage on his back. I think that Sensi has a one year plan for Batigol and it´s like this: Roma are gonna invest heavily to win Lo Scudetto for next season and then they will sell off Batigol and start thinking about the future.

Right now Roma is pushing the limits like Cragnotti did when Lazio went floating on the stock market, and he bought Vieri, Salas e company.

Emerson and Assuncao means that Roma will have a great midfield. Totti - Montella - Batigol means that Roma will have maybe the most leathal attack. Cafu and Candela are two of the most aggresive wings. I predict a year in style for Roma if Bati can stay injurie free and there will be no doubting his motivation as this will possibly be his last chance at Lo Scudetto.

I don´t want to see Bati at Lazio this season because he´s not an investement but rather a goalsetter - if we buy a player that expensive and it´s also a player that can´t be sold for ½ that sum next season then we put pressure on the team => this season must bring silverware.

When Cragnotti bought Vieri he was ( I thought ) part of a longterm plan. Then Cragnotti sold him and did some excellent shopping - Sensi can not pull the same stunt. Instead he hopes that this will be Romas season and that these transfers will give him Lo Scudetto and a place in the CL the season after that. If Roma will fail to reach a CL place next season with all these transfers ( if he get´s batigol ) then I belive that Sensi has put a bullet straight through his own foot.

Forza Lazio !!
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We discussed Sensi's madness in the Fio forum earlier. The conclusion was that he lost his mind when u guys won the scudetto. I think Roma can be real dangerous next year. They have great players and a winner coach in Capello. There's two ways this can go: Either Roma comes first/second next year or they flop big time. To add some more to Sensi's insanity get ready for this: If Bati decides to join Inter, Sensi will make the same bid ($30 mil) for Toldo! Fio would then of course sell Toldo and keep Bati, cos they wont sell them both. Since Bati wants to leave he don't want to risk that and will go to Roma.

Must remind you jooso, that Sensi have bought Walter Samuel. Perhaps Argentinas best defender ever. Emerson will also join and he is a midfielder.
Don't they also want Sol Campbell ???
Sorry (Lazia :) :)) if this just an silly news, but I read somewhere couple days ago, and they will have MU as rival in getting Campbell......

However after Nakata'c coming, they were rare winning their matches, right ???

So I think they will spend big bucks with little results, just see Inter this season, they spent 50 million on Vieri but ........ :) :)

However IF (one more time) IF Lazio can't win lo scudetto next year, I would rather choose Roma to get it........ but not juve, not milan, and not inter...
Sensi always buys expensive players, but he buy the wrong type of players to Roma, what are they going to do with Nakata for example, he and Totti is to similar. He also buys to many Brazilian players.
Aldair is OK but Zago is useless and Cafu is brilliant offensive but worthless defensive and Fabio Junior has done nothing.

But Sensi has to do something when Lazio won "the doubble". So that is why he want´s to buy Batistuta and already signed Samuel and Emerson. But still I don´t think that Roma will win "Lo Scudetto" next year,perhaps Coppa Italia or the UEFA cup.
lazindo! what did you just write? was that a jedimindtrick or what? a timewarp or something. ouch, grant that roma played some of the most entertaining fuzzball last season, but to win? hm, no, think not.

I don't think that they have chanses to win the Scudetto. The put too much weight on attack. Cafu & Candela are agressive but they are not the ideal players to defend Romas goal.
Campbell won't come to Roma. He got a huge offer from Tottenham and if he doesen't stay he'll go to ManU.
I can guarantee that Roma won't do better than third place next season.
Errrr, what did you say, Lazindo01? If Lazio can't win lo scudetto next year, I would rather choose Roma to get it???
Congratulations! You probably are the first Laziale who has EVER said something like that!
Roma... Tssssss! When hell freezes over!

Batigol's record speaks for itself; 24 goals and no penalties. He's hardly ever been injured in his career. For the next two years he will still be the best striker in Italy.

I hope Lazio buy him, he is a complete predator.

finally Batigol wants to win something so that rules Roma out.

Of course Roma will be much stronger if Batigol plays for them, but signing a few big players is not the key to win the scudetto. What you need to win the serie A is a team that will play well all the season, even if some star players are injured. For this, you need a squad with a lot of good players. I don´t think that Romas squad is big and strong enough to compete for the scudetto. As usually, Lazio looks good since the entire squad is strong, but Juventus probably looks even stronger......
Last news, they also chase on Balbo !!!!
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