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He is going to play his first match with the Raposa in 2230 GMT this night

I don't know why you are asking; you can read all the news in the Cruzeiro site and other sites.

He has been training very hard like all the team, twice a day, in the training center Toca do Raposa 2 in Belo Horizonte. They have gegun the concentration on the 12th of January. He is not at top of form yet, but he is doing his best and has a lot of motivation

In tonight match , which is a friendly match in a town called Cabo Frio
where Cruzeiro is going to play a match against the local team Cabofriense (Which is to take part in the Estadual of Rio de Janeiro)

The guest of honour will be the NT coach, Carlos Alberto Parreira.

Due to the short time of the pre season, Wanderley will put the first team in the field only in the first half and in the second half fhe will put in the other players. As this is the first and only game before the beginning of the Mineiro on Saturday, he will use this game to test his players

Her are the line ups

In the first half:

Artur; Maurinho, Cris, Bruno Quadros e Leandro; Maldonado, Felipe Melo, Martinez e Alex; Rivaldo e Guilherme

In the second half: (probably)

Gatti; Alemão, Bruno Quadros, Irineu e Sandro; Augusto Recife, Jardel (Mancuso), Marcinho e Alex Dias; Lima (Schwenck) e Jussiê.

The coach will put in the game all the players which he has today. You sure know that some of the Cruzeiro players are with the pre-olimpico un Chile , and face the Argies this morning (0210 GMT)

Marcelo Batatais who was planed to play the first half is indisposed (stomach problem) and that is where Bruno Quadros got in

Thank you Mineiro Giant for the excellent link :


Tomorrow the team will train in the Minerao and they will have a training match with an amateur team which has won an amateur tournament.

On Saturday Rivaldo's new team is facing its first official match . They
play against Valerio for the Mineiro Championship (estadual) Cruzeiro is the actual champion of this competition,

I hope I answered some of your questions ;)

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