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Well the title says everything PORTO has 2 much trincos and it's annoying instead of buying ATTACK-MINDED players we r getting Defensive midfielders...

We have
J.Andrade can play at trinco...

come on lets get a few out of here...

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I know I'm getting depressed. Benfica have signed Van Hooijdonk. Sporting have almost signed Joao Pinto plus more, and the only players we have signed are all second rate players apart from Paredes.

We need to buy big to compete with Benfica & Sporting next year because quite simply the Porto era is ending and they are both cathcing up with us again.

We must do something fast! PDC seems to think that as long as we still have Jardel that's enough but it isn't. We need another Deco, and re-inforcements to the left wing and right wing.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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