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Was inclusion of Dyer a wise choice?

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I think Eriksson was so desparate to call injured Dyer up to the WC squad. Missing Gerard and Neville, having Beckham, But, and Fowler injured. Well, I think he has decided to gamble on this one...
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Trevor Sinclair was the sacrificial goat this time......
Though I obviously believe Dyer is better than Sinclair, it may turn out to be a costly decision cuz a healthy Sinclair will probably be better than an unfit Dyer. Thats my POV:)
After watching Sinclair in the Korea match I think that the decision was made for Sven - the guy was appaling and could do anything right... he wasn't the only one but he certainly didn't help his claims.

I think that Dyer is worth the risk and would not have played against Sweden if he had have been fit... for me it seems that Sven is going to go with the 4-3-3 formation that he played against Korea with an all Man Utd midfield in Beckham-Butt-Scholes (but Haregreaves did himself the world of good with his performance and may be in instead of Butt:D)
Dyer is one of the best left-sided midfielders in Europe - and that's what a team aiming to WIN the World Cup should have. For too long has the left-wing been a dark region, but, with Dyer recovering miraculously, I would have taken Dyer - even if he misses the Sweden game. Anyway, Parlour is better than Sinclair.
how could we know? lets hope it is.
i think Dyer is a good choice... he is a good player and above all he is recovering very fast....he is way better than Sinclair.....and certanly worth it...... he will be needed if England goes through the first round....
Sinclair massively improved on his performance against Cameroon and I don't think he is too ordinary as some of you believe. England needs him pretty much as they are desperately short of midfielders and I believe Trevor will be upto the task:)
Dyer 100% fit- yes it was a wise decision
If today's game is anything to go by then the inclusion of Dyer was wrong coz he was pathetic in the field. However, I personally feel that Dyer is a great talent and hopefully he will show his class in the matches to come :D
Yeah, I think Dyer, like the lot of the English "star" players were very anonymous throughout the whole game. Owen had ONE shot, Scholes...was he on the field, don't remember seeing him :confused:
Only good thing Beckham did was the corner cross to Campbell. The latter did a strong performance though.

As I said before this game, it's not the star players you have in the squad, it's the ability to work as a team. Sweden did, they managed to get back to the game, even though they did a terrible first half and were down 1-0.
trevor did ok last night! not bad!

he gave us some pace on right!

keep it up!;)
Trevor looked poor the whole night. He could control the ball on the left, but cannot get past anyone. Well, except for the one occassion which he sped past Poch... (what is his name?), but partially the ARgentine defender was poor the whole night.

If fit, Dyer should take his place instead.:)

Last night he was running with pace and purpose and always making himself available.

Anyone who says he played badly, did you even WATCH the game? He took it past defenders fairly frequently.
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