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Apparently our board is going to ask a 30% wage cut from the players.PFA will discuss the matter with the players today.

PFA to hold Leeds talks

Exclusive by Andrew McKenzie

The Professional Footballers' Association will hold talks with Leeds players on Tuesday about the prospect of a wage deferral.
The PFA is looking over the cash-strapped club's accounts.

"We have all the figures now but we need to do a full appraisal and then we'll go and speak to the club and the players," deputy chief executive Mick McGuire told BBC Sport.

"We should know something firm by the close of play Tuesday."

Reports suggest the club is planning to ask players to defer 30% of their wages until the end of the season as it seeks to avoid going administration because of its £83m debts.

But McGuire says the club has not even got as far as discussing such a scenario with the players.

"At this moment no-one has gone to the players to ask them to defer anything," he added.

"I spoke to them myself last week to put them in the picture.

"We spoke about administration, about other clubs deferring, about investors and creditors and the way the club are moving things forward.

"But it has been general discussions and there has been nothing requested or agreed by the club or the PFA at this point.

"I'm not saying there won't be but there hasn't been to date.

"To ask players to defer is a last resort - especially when the club are in such a precarious position where they have got to get results."

On Monday Leeds were granted another week to avoid the prospect of administration, and McGuire admitted the situation is getting desperate.

"Investors haven't come in and they have sold no players and there's £80m debts - it's not a great picture is it?" he said.

The likes of Leicester, Bradford, Coventry and Sunderland have all eased their financial situation by deferring player wages.

But McGuire warned that players need assurances they will eventually be paid in full.

"At Leicester they deferred and they got through it - although they got promoted which helped, at Ipswich the players deferred and they also got their money back," he said.

"For a player to defer there has to be a number of other supports - from the likes of banks and creditors - to make the players' deferments worthwhile and there has to be some sort of guarantee they are going to get the money back.

"If you're not guaranteeing the money back it's not a deferral it is cutting their wage.

"So we've got to make sure there are assurances as much as possible they will get their wages back.

"There has got to be a business plan put together which looks viable and sustainable. But you can never be 100% sure.

"But if the players think they are getting it back they are normally co-operative to a certain level."

Newspaper reports claim the chances of a wage deferral has been put in doubt by some players being unwilling to agree.

But McGuire said: "It's every individual's call - one player can say 'yes' and one can say 'no'. I don't think that's ideal but they all have different circumstances.

"So I can't say to them that they must do this - we can just give them all the facts and they are bright enough and responsible enough to make their own decision.

"But in the past they have generally agreed to it across the board."


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Didn't want to open a new topic.

Leeds have rejected a £5m joint bid by Spurs for Robinson and Milner.

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Leeds players have politely refused to take a pay cut by deciding that they "will defer their wages only after all other ways of raising money have been exhausted." It basically means that they rather see some more of their teammates being sold than take the wage cut.Dissapointing decision, but understandable. It's clear that there's no team spirit and pride left in our squad.Everybody have quietly agreed that this club is doomed for relegation and administration :( :mad:

Leeds players in wage pledge

Leeds players will defer their wages only after all other ways of raising money have been exhausted.
The players with their union- Professional Footballers' Association - met with Trevor Birch, chief executive of the cash-stricken club.

PFA deputy chief executive Mick McGuire said: "The players are offering some form of financial support should it be required, when all other avenues have been explored.

"There is potential for deferment of a proportion of their wages."

McGuire added: "Nothing has been agreed at this point. It is a constantly changing situation, we will keep monitoring it.

"When we know exactly what the club may need to make up the shortfall then a decision will be made.

The players are very selfish, very stupid, very badly advised - or all three

John Boocock, chairman of the Leeds United Supporters' Trust

"The players are very mindful of the need to stay in the Premiership as that would stabilise the club."

McGuire stressed that there was no possibility of the players agreeing to a wage cut - just that they would consider deferring wages.

"Players' contracts are sacrosanct," he added.

The proviso that "all other avenues" are explored has fuelled speculation that a big-name star will be sold before the end of the January transfer window.

With striker Mark Viduka - reportedly the highest earner at the club - in Australia on compassionate leave it seems likely that bids for Paul Robinson or Alan Smith will be listened to.

But the players refusal to instantly agree to a wages deferment has angered Leeds' fans and threatens to undermine what has until now been rock-solid support.

Just a few days ago they were told their wages weren't going to be affected, then they're being asked to help provide the money to keep the club going

PFA chief executive Gordon Taylor

John Boocock, chairman of the Leeds United Supporters' Trust, said: "They are very selfish, very stupid, very badly advised - or all three.

"If they are supposed to be a team and to be united then this does not show it, and as far as I'm concerned, they have missed an opportunity here.

Ray Fell, chairman of the Leeds United Supporters' Club, was equally scathing towards the players.

He said: "If the stories are to be believed then the fans will find it hard to understand.

"Despite the fact the club are in dire straits, the fans have given the players 100% support and it's sad the players haven't now got it in them to support the club.

PFA chief executive Gordon Taylor fuelled the row by accusing Leeds chief exeucitve Trevor Birch of misleading the players.

Taylor said: "Just a few days ago they were told their wages weren't going to be affected.

"Then suddenly they are being asked to help provide the money to keep the club going.

"For Premiership players that is something they weren't expected to have to accept.

Leeds, bottom of the Premiership, need to raise £5m to appease their creditors until the end of the season when they will know what division they will be in next term.

On Monday Leeds - with debts of £82m - secured a week's extension to an agreement with creditors in an attempt to avoid the club going into administration.


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After coming under criticism by the fans, our players released a statement today where they claimed to give their full support to the club.

Players back Leeds

Leeds United's players have expressed their desire to help the cash-strapped club out of financial crisis.
The team have come in for a barrage of criticism from fans for raising their objections to a pay deferral proposal by chief executive Trevor Birch.

But they released a joint statement on Thursday backing Birch and Leeds.

"We wish to make it clear that we are fully behind the club and are working with Trevor Birch and the Professional Footballers' Association (PFA) in the hope of solving the problems."

The players stressed that the matter of wage deferral was still up for discussion.

"Some of the reports we have read in the papers are wrong," the statement added.

"We are together as a team and no decision has yet been made one way or the other on whether to defer a percentage of wages.

"We have said that we will be prepared to support the club should it be required."

Leeds United Supporters' Club chairman Ray Fell claims a "rift" is developing between players and fans.

"The players couldn't lose [from a deferral] because if administration guarantees anything it guarantees the players will get the money returned," Fell told BBC Radio Five Live.

"It would have helped the club and the fans are finding it difficult to come to terms with the fact that, as always, the only people who are interested in helping the club are the fans themselves.

"And the position of Leeds is beyond them."

Leeds may be forced to cash in on some of their star players such as Alan Smith, Mark Viduka and Paul Robinson to raise the £5m they need to avoid going into administration.

And Fell maintains selling striker Smith would leave Leeds with the prospect of relegation to Division One.

"The market is such that these clubs are standing round like vultures, feeling they can get the players for less than what we would expect for them and nothing riles the fans more," he added.

"Can Leeds stay up without Smith? I think it would be very difficult. We're down to the bare bones and we got into this position by selling players.

"To lose Smith would be the last straw. He is special."

Meanwhile, foreign players Zoumana Camara and Didier Domi have refused to sign papers releasing them from their Leeds contracts.

Camara and Domi joined Leeds in the summer on season-long loan deals, but have been informed they are now surplus to requirements.

"They were asked to sign a paper releasing them from their contract, but they have refused to sign," said agent Willie Mackay.


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Hakan said:
Didn't want to open a new topic.

Leeds have rejected a £5m joint bid by Spurs for Robinson and Milner.
Are Spurs fu(king stupid! They think they can take advantage of us because we are in this state! Bunch of wankers! :mad: They are worth at least £10m each, if not more!

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Balis-of-Steel said:
I dont think they are in this market.
Maybe 5m each, but certainly not 10m each.
Especially Milner who is unproven. Robinson is OK comparative with England's other keepers but Milner needs time to show.
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