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Viva La Champions - The Season.

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I haven´t been able to control my feelings enough to write a post about what happened on sunday but here it comes - the reason, the season and the other teams.

When Mate controlled the ball and Collina blew off the game I just couldn´t hold back the tears and just freaked :) it was a great feeling - needless to say I need a liver transplant asap so if you´re AB negative then give me a call.

I would like to send a special greet to the fans of Parma - I think that we can all agree that this team has had such stupendous badluck with injuries this season. It ruled them out of Lo Scudetto at an early stage. Tanzi deserves respect for showing faith in Malesani - one of the 3 best coaches in Serie A ( Eriksson, Zac, Malesani ). Next season I´m sure that Parma will be in the race until the very last day and if they can repeat the style of play they had 1 season ago then I hope they´ll win.

To Juventus: When the system is such that refs can´t spoil the positive rivalry that should exist in all sports I´m sure we´ll be able to watch games together and then after the game talk about how great the players where no matter who won. Now don´t get me wrong I´m not gonna say that Juve owns refs because they don´t but to many flaky decisions has been made this season - refs behind the goals, 2 ref system, professional refs whatever just correct the flaws and let us enjoy the games.

Juve has a great team, great organisation behind the team, a truckload of young prospects, history like no other team - I think it´s safe to say that once this season is 2 weeks old no one at Juve will feel any pain. Zambrotta, Tacchinardi, Del Piero, Montero, Zidane, Davids, Inzaghi, Kova, Tudor it would be a stupid to say that these guys don´t have the future ahead of them.

I know that not many Juve fans will agree with me but I have to say this: Sack Ancelotti - not because he´s a bad coach, because we all know he isn´t, but he holds back Juventus too much. It´s only my opinion and I´m sure that Ancelotti will win many great titles so no offense to anyone.

To the Milan fans: This position is no more then you guys deserve :) that sounds harsh but todays Milan needs some fresh blood. A new playmaker and a new central defender and welcome back to the race. Still you guys defeated us fair and square so respect to you for that one. The game of the season also involved Milan, it was at the begining of the season and it was Lazio - Milan 4 - 4 :) !! Let´s see more of that in the future.

To Interfans: I don´t really know what to say ?!? This will sound stupid but I always thought Lippi to be hyped to extremes. For this season Lippi had only one place to take Inter and that was up, the means some 120 mil usd, the result ?!? shared 4th place.

Lippi was brought in to rebuild Inter but has he done anything to make us belive that Inter will rock next season ?? In defence he brought us Blanc, he has been inter player numbero uno this season but he´s 35 so nothing for the future, Peruzzi has been great but nothing for the future, Jugovic has been good but also over 30, Vieri ?? hard to say anything about Vieris future in Inter, Georgatos and Panucci look set to leave and Recobas future is an unwritten page ( no doubting his abilitys ). But the worst buy of the season and the one that showed Lippis total lack as a coach must be Seedorf ?? What the heck !???

No one can come and say that a Coppa title will smoth things over because this season was worse then last years no matter how you look at it.

All this shows that Lippi needs the boot, Inter should look at the coach of Verona or Reggina - someone more low key. Moratti should sell of a whole bunch of players including Seedorf and Panucci and buy some hard working players that can honour the Inter shirts. Also Moratti should instruct the new coach and inform the media that from now on Inter looks to reastablish itself as a scudetto winning team within 5 years - not tomorrow.

To Roma fans: Emerson joining ?? Is going to overstock on playmakers ?? This looks like last season when Roma where conceeding goals like no other team and went out and bought Fabio Junior. There is no doubt in my mind that Roma will win Lo Scudetto very soon - maybe even next year. But in order for this to happen Sensi must stop buying every new hyped Brazilian player on the market and look to what his team really needs. Capello is a great coach and I wish you the best. I also want to thank Roma for showing us some of the most exciting football this season - not counting the 4 - 1 beating of Lazio :(.

To Viola fans: How ironic that Viola is playing scudetto football when the season is over :) Still with the hopes before this season I can understand that there must be lots of unhappy viola fans. Still if you look at the end of the season and consider that Checci has promised to invest for next season then you can maybe feel some consolation. Batigol has scored his last goal for Viola and that also marks a new begining for the purple.

To the Lazio fans: I loooove you :) !! What a strange and wonderful season it has been !!!

First the joys and the wonderful play we showed the first couple of months - I was worried that we couldn´t beat the other top teams and then came the draws and the loss against Venezia :( No one can say how close we where to loosing it all when we had to play Chelsea for a place in the Quarter finals and then come home to meet Roma and then play Juventus within a period of 2 weeks and friendlies inbetween. During this period Lazio went from candidates to Champions !!! I won´t sit here and point out how many reasons we had to loose the Juve and Roma games but here are a few: CL game in London 2 days before the roma game, no Nesta, friendlies in south america and the rest of europe 1 day before the Juve game, no Nesta, Salas on the bench because of bad form, Veron was sick on the match day against Juve and was flewn in just hours before the game etc etc. Still magic and we won.

Lazio has the worlds most offensiv midfield - if Salas can´t score then Veron will if Veron won´t the Nedved will, if Nedved won´t then Simeone will and if he won´t then Pancaro will if Pancaro won´t then Conceciao will and if they won´t then Mihajlovic will ... Hell I´m waiting for Luca to score.

To back this offensiv midfield we also have the worlds most offensiv defence :) It has to be true since no other defending line scores as often as ours. Can someone please infrom me if there are wingbacks that provide the attack with crosses better then Pancaro and ***** and if so what are the names how old and in which serie A teams do they play. I would probably replace Pancaro with Salgado but noooo .. not really and we´re talking Serie A.

The main problem at Lazio this season has been the fact that Eriksson is forced to instruct the midfield to think almost only of offensiv work - we have been exposed since our wings are also very high up in the field - I can see that some changes will be made when it comes to attack, changes that will hopefully allow the midfield or defence to stay a bit lower.

Cragnotti said that no one will be sold but I don´t belive it - Boksic will be sold and Ravanelli will probably be sold and take your pick between Salas and Stankovic although to be safe you could probably pick both. Before the season started it was said that Simeone was only going to be a Lazio player for one season and then he was off to Atl Madrid - don´t think so :) Simeone has been the Aorta of Lazio the last couple of months - the one to supply the blood and the uuhh !! if you get it.

Salas showed that he´s truly a
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great post there, svennis - But i didn't read it all. It's too long for me and i dont like to read that many words. So svennis try to write a little more less words in your post :)

FORZA 14 maggio 2000 !!!!!!!!
Yeah Svennis, people say that TOO is not good, neither TOO few nor TOO much :) :) :) :)
Great post Svennis....rationally analytical as always! Keep up the good and realistic work! :)

Hehehe the days of our arguements over Roma and Totti look very far off in the distance huh?
sevvins i agree tottaly with you
speically the thing u said about our great great great great great players
and veron is our best player i dono this man is human being or an angel
reale if u read my words
i,m sorry
no time now for hartd feelings :")
forza lazio
Well said, Svennis. It is always a pleasure to read your post.
AB? Svennis, I thought your blood was BC (Bianco Celeste) :)!

Great post, and I'd like to say something about the difference between this season and last season.

Last year, Lazio played their best football between December (when Nesta and Vieri came back from injuries) and March. In this spell, Lazio succedeed in winning 10 games in a row! But then the petrol started to run out, and in the last matches of the season, only fighting spirit kept Lazio running for the scudetto.

That was a tiring season with Lazio fighting for the Serie A title until the last match, winning the European Cup-winners' Cup, and being eliminated by Inter in a stormy quarterfinal game at San Siro.

In the summer, Lazio took right measures and bought a few useful players at the price of selling Cristian Vieri. Eriksson had already decided to use the rotation system in order to avoid the mistakes of the previous season. So the this season began and until the Christmas break, evrything went right with the derby exception. Marcelo Salas was on the score of important matches (against Manchester United in the European Supercup, against Milan in Serie A, against Dinamo Kiev in the Champions Cup), the rotation system worked well, and Eriksson was a wizard.

The the break came. In a interview, Cragnotti said that he wanted to take the team to a lucrative tour to China. But Eriksson has learned last season's lesson. The team had to be in form in the decisive matches of the season (from March to May), so the Swedish coach decided that the team had to stay at Formello for special trainings. The immediate consequences of those hard trainings were evident in the first games after the Christmas break, when Lazio lost to Venezia and got draws at Reggina and Cagliari. The players looked tired then, while Juventus were flying high (Juve-Perugia 3-0, Reggina-Juve 0-2). But the fruit of those trainings were to be seen in the long run. And what a tasty fruit it was!

When the hard long winter finished, Lazio found theirselves 9 points behind Juventus. After the 1-0 defeat in Verona, few people still believed in Lazio winning the scudetto, and one of them was surely Sven Goran Eriksson. And he still believed for at least three reasons, I think:

1) He knew that his players were going to be in full form in the springtime.

2) He knew (for personal experience :( ) that no team can be in top form for the whole season and Juventus until then had lost only one match (Lecce-Juve 2-0). So a Juve slump was somehow predictable.

3) He knew that, unlike last season, Lazio's final fixtures were easier than the other team fighting for the scudetto (Juventus, that is).

All of those three reasons were right. Unlike last year, when decisive matches come, Lazio got into the highest gear and in the last 8 matches, they got 22 points! They could be 24 points (out of 24!) if Batistuta hadn't scored that last minute equalizer! In those same 8 final games of the season, Juventus got only 12 points, losing away at Milan, Verona and Perugia, and at home against Lazio :) .

Now, as Svennis has rightly praised Juan Sebastian Veròn (the brain of Lazio), I'd like to say something about Diego Simeone (the heart of Lazio). Perhaps you all remember that disastrous night in Valencia, when evrything looked bad for Lazio. Well, that night, Simeone said something that only a leader would say: "there's no place in this team for those who don't want to fight all the way". And it's not by chance that "El Cholo" was on the score in each of the last 4 matches of the season (he scored Lazio last goal of this wonderful Serie A campaign) as well as the winner in the first leg of the Coppa Italia final. Those who say that Lazio have little grit should take a look at him.

Honour to Sergio Cragnotti who has turned Lazio into a great club and built a great team. Yesterday at the Stock Exchange, Lazio shares have been 20% up !

Honour to Sven Goran Eriksson, a great coach who has finally won what he well deserved.

Honour to the players who have given us such a fantastic joy.

And finally, I think that in this moment of happiness, also Beppe Signori feels himself a bit Champion of Italy. He deserves it.

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Great points, aquila! Especially about our good timing this season...realistically speaking, NO team can be in their best performance throughout the season...Juve's slump this season was quite similar to ours last season...
And I truly believe that our team's character has really shown tremendous improvement this season. It's evident from the way the players keep rallying each other's spirit even during the most tense moments. Remember Nedved's, Simeone's, etc comments in the last months (when we were quite a few points adrift from Juve!) - that they were very, very determined to win the scudetto, that they still had the determination, that they still believed that Lazio could win, they they wanted the scudetto very, very badly? Such positive comments from the players really assured me that this season we've got the character, the necessary mentality to be champions! :) Not to mention Eriksson belief in the team (when even Cragnotti only dared to hope for a play-off!)
And the rest is history... :)
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A small different compared to the "Why it all went wrong this season"-topic, isnt it Svennis?

Forza Lazio
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