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Viola sign new Goalkeeper

Hi every one Fiorentina signed new goal keeper from Kuwait (Free Transfer)
here some info.

Player Information:
Surname: Al-Faresi
First Name: Ibrahim
Date of Birth: 21-11-1984
Place of Birth: Kuwait city-Kuwait
Nationality: Kuwaiti
Height and Weight: 1.92m - 75kg (6ft 3in – 165 lb)
Position: Goalkeeper

Present Club: Free
Clubs played: Kadmah club (1997)
High school team (1998-1999-2000-2001)
College team (2002-2003-2004-2005)Captain of the team last 2 years.
Arae team:Al-rawda team (2006)

Interest from clubs:
Lokomotiv Plodiv-Bulgaria

Goalkeeper Awards :
a) Won first place in the Intermediate School;
b) First place in the High School team and named "The Best Goalkeeper" of the Schools' Championship for Kuwait's Capital City region
c) Was voted once again, "The Best Goalkeeper" during the championship of the area;
d) Was named "The Best Goalkeeper" in the 2005 championship of the Faculty of Social Sciences for Kuwait University;
e) Won first place in the "Penalty" Championship, and was named "The Best Goalkeeper" in penalty shots (March, 2006);

The Egyptian goalkeepers’ coach (Ahmad shahatah) Kadmah club;
The Bulgarian goalkeepers’ coach (Shaytanoov) Lokomotiv Plodiv.
He is also the goalkeepers’ coach of the Bulgarian national team.

Players’ Agent’s Comments:
This young goalkeeper is very strong; very quick, and has super quick reflexes. He prides himself as a stopper; He has won many goalkeeping awards and prizes. He is very talented and above all, he is extremely motivated and eager to prove himself. This is an ultimate team LEADER.

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Is there any news about this? Apparently also Fiorentina's director of football was in Kuwait for the player. A rumour going around is that the scout who's seen this player is the same one who discovered Buffon!

It is not official yet because it isn't on the website for Fiorentina, but I was hoping someone here could tell me what exactly is the deal?

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I found some info about him

"A young Kuwaiti football player called Ibrahim Al Faresi got signed to a top Italian football team, the problem is no one had heard of him before. So who exactly is Ibrahim Al Faresi?

A couple of years ago Ibrahim was playing football with his friends in front of the Bulgarian embassy here in Kuwait when an employee at the embassy took notice of Ibrahim and told him he should go play football in the Bulgarian league. He offered to help him and hook him up with the right people so Ibrahim decided to take the chance and traveled to Bulgaria where he tried out for a football team and ended up joining them.

After awhile Ibrahim realized he wanted more and so went to the FIFA website and sent an email to a licensed agent so he would be able to travel and play in any club without issues. His new agent took him to England first where he was going to get signed to Crystal Palace F.C. But due to the fact that if you want to play in the English Premiership you need to have a work permit and also need to have played in your countries league at one point, Ibrahim couldn't join them.

His agent then took him to try out at A.C. Siena in Italy. While there a very famous goalkeeper scout called Senior Silvano who had previously discovered the worlds best goalkeeper Gianluigi 'Gigi' Buffon told him not to sign up with A.C. Siena and instead offered to have him trained more so he could get him signed up in a better team. Ibrahim accepted and went and trained under the guidance of Senior. After a short period Senior took him to try out for A.C. Milan and ACF Fiorentina. Fiorentina where right away impressed and instantly offered him a spot on their team"


Even if he was really talented I have no idea why fiorentina would need him in the presence of Frey
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