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I have been looking at the list of spanish players called up for the Spain friendlies agst Northern Ireland on the 17 April. Canizares, Baraja, Alberlda, Torres are called up but no Vincente not even in the under 21. Is he injuried? How is he playing nowadays? I would love to see him at the World cup.

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He's playing pretty well since he came back from injury.........

Maybe this season (for him) is not as good as the previous one but I'm almost sure that he will make it for Japan..............
Thanks, Plotinus. i really like this guy and hope he will start to play as well as last season if not better. Looking forward to seeing him play in the World Cup.

According to Camacho, the squad selected for this friendly is the one he is most probably going to select for the World cup.
I'm very happy Albelda is there. He fully deserves it.
As for Vicente, he may still have a shot, but a very small one. It will be a big disappointment to him if he doesn't make it.
Having him in the team will mean having 5 Valencia players in the squad. More than Real Madrid players, which might go against Camacho's Real Madrid "upbringing" ;)
Seriously, in my opinion, as long as Hierro is playing (and Nadal as well), the team doesn't have much chance to do well in the WC.

I agree with you, Ziad. In recent R Madrid games, Hierro look so old and slow. The thought of Hierro and Nadal in the central going agst the like of strikers like Owen, Henry and co. is a nightmare. I also notice that Real Sociedad De Pedro is included in the squard after one appearence agst Holland and that is strange. Did he play pretty well then? :confused:

I really hope Vincente can make it to the squard but his is young and will have his chances, I'm sure.

vicente is a great player...too bad that i haven't had many chances to watch him play due to the lack of la liga coverage in the US... :( i watched him play against INTER in the second leg of the UEFA Cup...he was awesome...hope we'll see him in the WC.. :cool:
It's a big bad mistake to exclude Vicente in the World Cup. Doesn't Camacho realise that he is Spain's left-sided hope??
The following next 4 matches, if Vicente rise to the final occasion, he will definitely get a shot in the WC.
That's what I thought so too - that Vincente is very good for Spain on the left but seems like Camacho have taken Del Pedro instead. I have read the report on the Holland game and Del Pedro didn't do very well so why's that? The only thing I can fault Vincente is perhaps he is a little lacking in his defensive abilities but his speed in attacking in outstanding and I think Spain need that for the world cup.

As I said in an earlier post, it seems the 18 players selected for that friendly will go to the WC. That leaves 4 or 5 spots to be filled. Vicente still has a shot, and I hope he gets it.
But looking at the list of the 18 players, the defense looks very, very thin both in numbers and in quality, so out of the 4-5 players, most might be defenders...

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