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It sounds like a very bad deal to me !!

Let´s look at this money wise: Almeyda is surely worth as much as Stankovic and Inter offered 25 $ for Stankovic, there is an offer from Chelsea for around 17£ that translates into 26.4 $ and throw in Pancaro who is a national player in the Azzuri squad and you have a sucicide deal ?!?!

Vieri is turining 28, he´s injured all the time unlike Salas who is never injured ( Almeyda is also prone to injuries ) and Pancaro who is never injured ?!?! There is no way a deal like this will go down since Cragnotti is way to good as a business man and if I can do the math so can he.

A likely deal: Salas + Almeyda -> Inter
Vieri + money -> Lazio

It figures because Salas is 25 and is has had 1 great season and 1 good season in Serie A. Almeyda has had 3 seasons in Serie A one good, one amazing after which he was voted best foregin player, one where he was mainly injured but still great when he played.

Vieri has lately had 1 season where he played 21 games and he was great scoring 13 goals, one season where he played 18 games and scored 12 goals ( or other way around ). Still out of 68 leauge games he played 39 and it´s ridiculous to spend such huge amounts of money on players like that.

Here comes a deal: Keep Salas, buy Jardel and exchange Almeyda for Kily Gonazles or Farinos.

Let Salas - Lopez - Inzaghi and Jardel fight for the striker positions ( and we could even use 3 because Lopez is great on the left wing as a sub for Nedved and then we could have both Inzaghi and Jardel on top ).

Or better yet we could use different tactics in different games. We all know that PL teams are very strong in the air but not so fast and technical on the ground so Jardel wouldn´t be so good against a team like Arsenal ( talking CL games ) like Suker of Galatasary. Instead in that team we´d opt for a more speedier attack with Lopez and Inzaghi.

However if you look at the success of Bierhoff over the years it´s fairly easy to see that Italian teams have problems covering the air. Salas is great with a centertank and Lopez is great with a player like ille ( Inzaghi ).

All logic tells me that 4 strikers of such quality can not be in the same team but it´s more logical then the sucicide deal for Vieri or Rivaldo.

We sold Vieri and laughed when Inter finished joint 4th/5th now let´s not turn the tables.
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