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Vieri or Crespo

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If the rumors are true both Lazio and Juve are hunting Vieri. Another rumor says Juve aming for Crespo.

If we sell Amoroso, Fonseca and Oliseh we can surly afford one of them.

Are we going to spend lot`s of money I`ll say we go for Vieri.
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sorry to disappoint you but V32 is not leaving INTER...I would stick w/crespo..

Definately Crespo! Just read Aquila's topic about Vieri's disadvantages at the Lazio board!

Doesn´t matter who you guys buy as long as Ancelotti is there to take the edge of your game.

I have always advcated Pippos contract with Juve but come to think of it this guy really isn´t Juve material. With the amounts of shots on goal ( most in Serie A ) and the domination on midfield ( against basiclly all clubs ) you guys should really have scored more. I don´t know if it´s Pippo or if it´s the fact that Pippo is left alone on top with nada support from players like Conte - the left wing guy ?? Zambrotta or the other fella - Davids and no help at all from the defenders.

In Lazio Nedved - Veron - Simeone - Conceciao - Pancaro and ***** are all helping the 2 forwards all the time. In todays football you can either stick to a massive wall like Juve or play a more fluent game like Lazio does. We got cought alot on turns where the opponents simply played over or through our midfield ( see Roma away and Valencia at home and Verona away ). We score more ( had the best +/- stats this season ) but we also conceed more.

I belive that Ancelotti has to develop his game for next season and maybe he could opt for a 4 - 4 - 2 with more skilled defenders but that would mean Juve has to fork out cash since Pessotto and that is too slow to be offensiv.

It´s not fair to blame Inzaghi but it´s easy.
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I'll be happy if we get Crespo, but then what happens to Inzaghi. Crespo is a better striker than Pippo so it would probally mean that Inzaghi will be subbed.
Don`t you want Crespo because he is better then Inzaghi !!??
Crespo should be the man upfront with DP. He is younger and costs less than Vieri. Juve don't need to sell anyone to buy Vieri or Crespo. We haven't spent much money over the last few seasons. However, if we sell Pippo, we could definately buy one of them for sure. Crespo mentioned he might leave if a huge offer was made. It's in the news part of this site.

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