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In a recent article published, it says that Morratti is negotiating with Lazio President, Cragnotti for a possible exchange.

Vieri and Jugovic go to Lazio in exchange for Salas and Baronio. Personally, i don't like the idea of Vieri leaving and Salas coming, what do you guys think??

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Whoops, i forgot one little detail in my post, it is up to Vieri if he wants to leave or not, here is the article for those of you who love to see it.

Lazio and Inter Milan seem to have reached a deal for Christian Vieri's transfer back to Rome.
Lazio and Inter's Presidents, Cragnotti and Moratti, have announced that a new meeting will take place on Wednesday for one last time.
The two teams have agreed that Vieri's transfer to Lazio will mean Roberto Baronio and Marcelo Salas' transfer to Inter, but also Vladimir Jugovic's return to Rome.
At this point it's Vieri himself that has to decide if he wants to go as Moratti has said more than once that he won't keep him against his will. However Vieri, who had said before that he wanted to stay in Milan, and according to some he already called Cragnotti to refuse his offer.
There's a rumour that says he wants to stay in Milan because his soon to be wife Elisabetta Canalis, works for one of Berlusconi's TV stations in Milan.
However, the player's manger Sergio Berti has vigorously denied any truth in this gossip.
"That's the most stupid story I've heard this year about Christian." - he said.

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Inter today said they had agreed a transfer with lazio for baronio,salas and pancaro + cash for vieri and jugovic...now its up to vieri to agree...tomarrow will be decision day

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Hopefully Vieri won't leave and will continue to help inter win the championship in season 00/01
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