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Azeglio Vicini, former Italy coach team, was the last manager able to bring Italy in an European championship semi-final, in 1988, stopped 0-2 by URSS.

"Well I think the team I managed in those years was better then the actual one, our opponents hardly were able to pass the midfield line; and probably our greatest defect was that to score few goals compared to the chances we built. But that was a team which had more time to assemble itself, more accustomed to play together since 'son' of the Under 21 squad of few years earlier" Vicini started.

According the other squads I saw at Euro2000, I think we have the best athletic condition. Then we are able to read the match in a good way and in this team there are the better skills of the so called 'Italian Soccer'. More, we are able to see the fault in the opponent's defence and to take advantage of that".

"Obviously we can try to win the title, especially since I didn't see any squad which cannot be defeated. And we have a great defence and forwards able to help the team".

Neither Francesco Totti neither Alessandro Nesta, for Vicini the leader is another defender "Leader is not just who spurs the team or talks with referee, but who support the team mates with his own example. And Fabio Cannavaro is that I like the more, he is able to stop the best forwards and to allow the defence to breathe".

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