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THATS IT..NO MORE OF THIS BULL****...do we want a real fighting team to win the league or a bunch of a moody primma donnas??well if u want to win the league then vialli should be sacked,chelsea will never win the league with a coach like vialli,what kind of coach takes zola off and leaves sutton on the field,vialli is very inexperienced and i feel graham rix is the one saving the team,and when he didnt go to barca looked what happened,i mean for gods sake what kind of coach will throw 5 goals away like that,why put on an inexperienced idiot like lambourde and leave petruscu on the bench with all his experience in a match like that!!and poyet playing for ten minutes after it is all over while di matteoo not getting substituted!!!flo nearly died in extra time so we take him off for a midfielder!!are we joking here,i mean after revising o-levels u can be more intelligent than that,not to mention losing to watford,sunderland,sheffield wed, drawing with southampton and middelsboro at home,i mean what is the point in beating man utd 5-0,and losing a 2-0 advantage against arsenal at home!! u call this a championsip contender? did u see the man utd game and the first yorke goal? guys instead of buying a new team get urself a new coach like venables or cryuff or van gaal or whatever who can build a rrespectable side with spirit and do logical substitutions,not throw sutton in just because he bought him to prove a point,the guy is rubbish that is it,spent 31 million pounds on what? lose to watford!!!

players who should leave or be hanged next season:
lambourde:french rubbish.
di matteo:not as good as before.
sutton:do we have to kill him?
lebouf:thome is better.
hogh:where do u buy these guys from luca?
zola:he may stay if he wish but wont play.
weah:simply old and bold.
for these we can get 10 million.......
players who should stay:
petrescu:the guy is so good,old but pure class.
poyet:magican,shame not to play against barca.
deschamps :eek:ld but fights.
desailly:best defender in premiership.
ferrer:pure class.
le saux:handsome.

players who should be bought
1)a decent striker:1 or 2
prefer rebrov or batistuta both want to play in england.
2)decent right winger:
moriero from inter is available,speaks italian so no need to learn anything.why not go for leonardo or juhnino.
3)decent center half instead of lebouf:rio ferdinand.
other players available:
toldo,rui costa,anything not dutch in barca,anyone in inter,leonardo,solskjaer,camara,smicer,ayala,de la pena.

sack the bold guy.....

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Get a thumbs up for Moreiro - I watched this guys debut for Italy and he was superb.
He oozes skill from whatI've seen but is inconsistent but that is in Serie A. He should shine in a league that encourages attacking.

Parma, Sampdoria, and Lazio have all approached Vialli already to ask if he wants to coach them.

On a different note, Tore Andre Flo is already considered a replacement for long-term injured Van Nistelrooij at PSV.
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