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I think the reason for our inconsistent form this past 2 years has a more fundamental reason...I believe it's VG's system. This all out attacking system which he is employing only works when the team is playing well and when the confidence is high. If we lack those 2 things, we fall apart...badly. There is no insurance policy in this system...defensively, players don't back each other up...often our defenders are left in one on one situations. If they are in good form, it's OK but otherwise we will concede lots of goals, as we have this season. We have to learn from Man Utd (God forgive)...whether they are playing well or not, they still get results...if they play badly they get a 0-0 draw or win 1-0...if they play well they win 4-0 or 5-1. Barca cannot do that. Luckily, Spanish teams in general are all like that that is why we are still in the title race up to now...if Barca were to be in England or Italy, we would be in 5th or 6th place. Defensive organisation and cover from midfield is what we lack. Too much flair...no steel.

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You're 100% right, Iqbal, Most of the games Barca played well and if they score 1 or 2 goals every thing will be OK otherwise when they failled to score any goals they concede many goals and that what happened in our last three games + Real Madrid game.

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Maybe we should give Cocu a defensive role on the midfield, together with Guardiola...
Maybe something like this:

____Luis Enrique____

If Luis Enrique leaves (which would be terrible), Rivaldo could take his spot on the central midfield, and Zenden could be our left wing.

Looking at this system, I think it's a slightly modified 4-4-2. The left and right midfielders are more offensive, and one of the strikers is pulled backwards a bit.

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I personally think one of the wide players should assume a more defensive role and the fullbacks shouldn't push up too much. I'm not advocating a defensive system ...it's merely a more organised method...much like the way Holland play. I'd like to see Rivaldo play with Kluivert upfront just behind him.


Basically, it's a 4-4-2 with Guardiola playing just in front of the back 4, Gabri infront of him. Cocu is the wide left midfielder but more withdrawn with Figo playing further up on the right. Rivaldo plays a free role just behind Kluivert.
This way we have a more compact midfield...Xavi was right when he said the midfield is too light.

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Once again, it's time to propose my 4-4-2 for the next season:

Puyol__Reiziger__F. de Boer__Sergi

Perhaps Sergi could be substituted by Aphirson (if he's coming to Barça and is performing well);
If Baía is coming, he will take Hesp's place;
van Gaal should also buy another quality striker to partner Kluivert up front (are there any quality Spanish strikers available right now - can somebody tell me more about Diego Tristán?)
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