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We cant underestimate Bologna
They have good players like:
Andersson,Signori,Ingesson,Pagliuca,Paramatti,Falcone, etc
Remember that we had problems with them in our home game,Andersson scored 1-1 then Nedved 2-1 then Ravanelli 3-1
We must look up for Anderssons headings

I hope that Parma beats Juve and I think that they can do it
They have many good players and one of the best defence players in the world
My prediction
Bologna-Lazio 0-2
Nedved and Mihajlovic

Juventus-Parma 0-1

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Yes ofcourse we have to watch out for Andersson´s headers, but not anymore than anymore than ay other player in Bologna. Many teams (for example against the swedish national team) does the mistake of putting two men on Andersson and forget to mark the other attackers- thats precise why players like Protti, Baggio and Signori has found their form and love to play beside Andersson beacuse he create alot of opportunities for his partners!
So watch out for Andersson? sure but no more than Signori and Infgesson.

Forza Lazio
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