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i took it from lazio mania

Veron asks to leave Posted June 11, 2000 - 12:34 by Mattias
According to "la Gazzetta dello Sport" Lazio's Veron called yesterday Massimo Cragnotti to ask to leave Lazio this summer. Veron was very unhappy with the fact that Mihajlovic said yesterday that Lazio won't get Crespo because in the team there are already many Argentineans.

Inter wants Veron, Lazio wants Vieri. A trade could be possible. But there are facts that are talking against this, Eriksson said that Lazio won the league thanks to Veron, and would he let his favorite player leave the club after only season?

What also is strange is that when Lazio negotiated to get Batistuta, Veron was the one who complained about too many Argentineans in the team.

what a loyel to argentina
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