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Veron or Gallardo?; Roa or Bonano?

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Veron and Bonano.
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I think that Bonano it's a good goalkeeper,but not what argentina need.The only one is Sergio Goycoechea.Roa....it's an orrible goalkeeper !!!
Yes, Goyco was the best but he´s no longer available so we have to stick with Bonano or Roa,.
Veron - right now
Roa - Bonano is unproven at international level.
hey Vito,do you know why Goycoechea is not available?????where is playnin ???where are you from???i'm italian...bye...
I think Bonano has proven against Brazil, Colombia, England, Chile, etc. and Goycoechea, well i don´ñt have the slightest clue where he is-
Hi vito,do you know if goycoechea is yet retired ???where are you from ???
i don't think we ccan compare
verron with gallardo they are not at the same position and are not the same atyle
we can compare gallardo with aimar
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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