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Amoroso - congratulations on keeping your player (Venetidis). Maybe I'm just reading it wrong, but your post seemed to be somewhat bitter towards Benfica. Are you angry with them because they made a bid for him? Or are you angry that they took Sabry and Machairidis away last year? From what I heard, the president was trying to sell Venetidis because the club's got cash flow issues, but your coach (Bajevic) told the president (Batatudis) that he'd resign if he sold Venetidis (a great endorsement of the player!). Am I wrong? Just curious.

RedEagle - I read that too about Miguel. I hope he keeps it up, as I'm not convinced Kandaurov is the guy to lead us to the promised land! I'm remaining cautious for now, though. It's one thing to be an all-star in practice, but altogether different to do it in a regular game.

Speaking of Dani - I read an article yesterday about Benfica's official bid to Dani yesterday. I had to laugh at JVA's quote (I'm paraphrasing here, since I don't have the article here in front of me): "We're not offering Ajax that much for Dani since everyone in soccer knows what a problem player he is". Talk about talking the price down! I understand he's trying to lower the value with Ajax since they know Dani's walking at the end of the season, but how would you feel if you were Dani?! Pretty funny stuff...
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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