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Well it seems we have the opportunity to ascertain VBookie, so we may as well discuss whether we should get it or not.

This is the info on VBookie:

vBookie is a 'bookmakers' or betting extension to vBulletin. It enables authorised members to post Events and Outcomes that forum members can bet on. Each Outcome has its own set of odds, and odds can be modified through the life of an Event (bets that are placed are stored with the prevailing odds, so even if the odds change, your users are paid at the correct rate).

Once the results are known, Events can be settled and forums members awarded their winnings.

vBookie uses its own vCash by default, but this has no more use than as 'bragging rights'. However, vBookie also comes with a built-in switch to allow it to use uCash or eBux instead. That means that all bets are paid for and settled using uCash, making betting even more attractive than just for fun on forums with uShop installed. Although vBookie does not have any built-in facility to integrate with any other store hacks, it is easy to integrate it with any store/points system you care to use.

  • master switch to turn vBookie off
  • option to use uCash, eBux or any other cash/points-system (via Plugins)
  • settings to restrict the creation of Events to specific user groups
  • settings to restrict which user groups can bet on Events
  • settings to restrict which user groups can edit or settle other people's Events
  • per-Event, specify whether punters may bet on more than one outcome
  • optional 'charity mode' so that the poorest members of the forum always have something to play with
About Odds

Odds of "5/1" are "amount won per amount placed". This means that I would win 5 for every 1 placed. Of course, if I win, I get my stake back as well. Odds of "1/5" means that I win 1 for every 5 placed. I'd have to place 25 to win just 5.

Decimal Odds

Decimal odds are just another way of displaying the same information. 2.0 is the same as 2/1. 0.2 is the same as 1/5. vBookie only lets you specify odds in terms of x/y, but if you think in terms of decimal you can still work out what odds to provide. Simply think of your decimal odds as "2.0 / 1.0" or "0.5 / 1.0" and then multiply each side through by 10 or 100 until there are only zeros to the right of the decimal point, then just take the whole number part.

2.0 / 1.0 has no decimals, so this is the same as 2/1

0.5 / 1.0 has a 0.5, so multiply both parts by 10 to get 5.0 / 10.0. Then you can specify your odds as 5 / 10. You might also realise that this is the same as 1/2. The technique is a simple way to work out any odds you may need to specify.

Odds of 0.65 -> 0.65 / 1.0 -> 65.0 / 100.0 or 65/100. Then you can divide through by 5 to get to 13 / 20, although this step isn't necessary.

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We've had the opportunity to install it in the past, but we've never done so because it was felt that it would distract from that which is the essence of the forum (i.e. discussion) and that it would lead to posters attempting to become the 'richest' though whatever means possible (creating fake accounts and betting against those). It wasn't the sort of thing we wanted then, and personally it's still not the sort of thing I would want now.

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This is not a have to thing. Really. I freaked when I saw there were no credits, vbookie and bank. Was not a reflection on the site or even tech people it was an error by me. Most of the other forums have these things.

Dont want it? Thats fine.

sorry for the misunderstanding on my part.
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