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Vasillis Tsartas to AEK

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The president of Seville, Roberto Alés, who met today in Madrid with the chief of a main directorate of the AEK of Athens confirmed today, in declarations to Europe Press, that the teams are very close to the transfer of Vasillis Tsartas to the Greek club...

He is a good player and it amazes me that he goes back to Greece while many spanish team wanted him !
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Its a done deal.He will sign a 5 year contract for 1.5 million dollars per year which explains why he comes back.Moreove,he was wanted by small teams like Oviedo and Recing Sandader and Atletico Madrid but he didnt want to go back to Secunda division and he also didnt want to go to England (Aston Villa and Middlesbrough wanted him).AEK is a good club.
That's a lot of money he earns ! Looks like the Greek clubs are becoming very attractive for players :)

Does AEK plays UEFA cup ?
Of course...
There seems to be a problem with the transfer !

You said he signed Amo but it's likely he will stay in Spain and join Oviedo. Do you know more of this ?
The deal seemed typical but now it was ruined...Tsrtas will not play for AEK next season.

I dont understand why he goes to Oviedo though...
If he really wanted to stay in Spain he should have joined Atlético who were also interested ;)

Oviedo is a bad choice and i think AEK is a better team but the Spanish league is stronger than the Greek one. Maybe he wants to play there against the top teams...
I agree on that... :(

I thought that Real Madrid and Deportivo La Coruna were interested of Tsartas but that seems to been only rumours whatever i dont think Real Oviedo is a good team for Tsartas
They dint qualify for europe and i think AEK is a better club then Oviedo. Tsartas should return to Greece to make the greek championship Stronger. Come on Tsartas.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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