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There is a rumour that Inter and Udinese will togheter buy Salernitana player Igor Vanucchi. He will play this season in Udinese , but will be co-owned with Inter. That means that he can be an Inter player season 2001/02.
Sounds real good to me.
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I doubt that is true bro. But even if it is we have Macellari now so what do we plan to do with him?

Vanucchi actually is at heart an A.C. Milan fan Macellari is an INTER fan......i say go with Macellari although Macellari is about 4 years older than Ighil Vannucchi.
vanuuci might be good at inter but if he joins udinese first it will be much better for us
Right now Inter do not need Vanucchi, but since Vanucchi whom i believe will be very good in the future, i will love to see this deal to go through. :D
Who is a better player....COCO or VANNUCCHI??
Oh,sorry Tazz.I meant Ighil. I must have thought about something else.
well coco might be better than vanucchi
Vanucchi is a great player, I noticed him when he was at Salernitana as a winger and Italian U-21 international. Not sure what he'll add, but other clubs will want him too (hey, Everton need new players :D). How much is he worth, how much would he be worth in £?
Probably about 7-9 million pounds.....he's worth it.

As for who is better he or Coco well i don't know.

Vannucchi is more of a dribbler and can be more attacking because he naturally started of as a left winger. And he can also play as a playmaker. He is much much more versatile than Coco.

But Coco is better at being a left wing back simply because it is one of the only two things he can do.

Coco is either a left back or a left wing back.

Vannucchi can play at right wing or central midfield or left back or left wing back or left winger or playmaker or no.10 striker.

If i had to chose a left back i would chose Coco. if i had a left back and wanted to chose a top class utility player for my starting line up i would chose Vanucchi.

Coco is a better left back......Vanucchi is probably a player more suited to the modern game like Zanetti.
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7-9 million? I wouldn't be expecting THAT much despite his talent. There's a good reason why Everton should go to Italy for new players, and that's because players from Italian football are much cheaper than players from England. The inflated English transfer market is a joke!

I mean, why would we pay (when really we can't afford to) £6-10 million on a player when (1) we can develop our own players and (2) an Italian player of similar talent costs a LOT less. Even lower division clubs will ask ridiculous sums. What a joke!

That said, I wouldn't mind if Everton bought Vanucchi and a striker like Ferrante. We need someone who can do something like 20 goals a year.

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