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Vanoli to Fiorentina

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Vanoli joins Fiorentina

Paolo Vanoli is a Fiorentina player. After weeks of talks the clubs agree a deal: Parma will receive 12 billion lire (euros 6.2m), Fiorentina will get an half of the left defender with the chance to sign him definitely at the end of the season.

"I'm happy that finally the negotiation is over: it was not a choice of mine to keep it so long, just a matter between the clubs who seemed not able to find an agreement. In fact a second after they found a solution, I accepted to move here" Vanoli said.

"Fiorentina is an important club and I'm sure I'll get great satisfactions here. Despite the leaving of Gabriel Batistuta the team is very competitive, to win the title too. And I dream this jersey will allow me to enter again in the calls of national team".

Meanwhile between Parma and Fiorentina is still on the negotiation for Saliou Lassissi: but everything is blocked since the player has problems to leave his homeland, Côte d'Ivoire, cause civil war.

Courtesy http://www.italian-soccer.com
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Damm Ivory Coast, can't you just STOP shooting when Saliou is around!:)
Sigh...Vanolino would still be a startr and a key player for Parma if he wasnt so miserable this year.But with this kind of season behind him it was the way it had to be done as Falsini and Junior look more convincing at the moment...:(

Good luck Paolo,I hope you win your place in the national team back.
well, maby next year we could take him back:), but i think Fiorentina has the 1st option on him, so if he plays a screamer of a season, well... goodbye:(
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