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Van Nistelrooy out for eight months

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S#$t, United should have signed him, and let us laugh!

Anyhow, the on-off-on-again-off-again deal should qualify as a worthwhile nominee for Joke of the Season.
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Rumours that a masked man was seen fiddling with Van Nistelrooy's football boots b4 his disastrous training session are circulating around the PSV camp. The man was later seen vaulting over a fence into a nearby field with a ball where he proceeded to take some shots against an 11 year old kid in a goal.
A fat bloke who watched the whole episode said 'Whoever he was, he only got 3 shots on target against this kid. He couldn't score in a brothel.'
Meanwhile, back in Manchester, Andy Cole was unavailable for comment. ;)
so much talk and now the deal may be off
sorry for man utd but this was not so lucky.
van nistelrooy may be out for eight months like lfcnet said and then ferguson and co will not sign him.
hahahaha i must laugh cause i hate united so much....

SkyLight that was a mastrpiece,hilarius!!!!!!!! :)

The sun will rise again...and it will be...GIALLOBLU!
i think the deal is already off!!
humm...why couldn't mancs get him !!???
it would have been great for them dropping 18M right into the bin! :D
Why are you alway's picking on rvn, you make me cry, he was the only good player in the dutch competition.
Now he out for 8 months and will be probaly back in full action for a year or so.
I can't believe it.
But there's a flip side to it, i would have bee funny though if rvn, had signed and MU had sold like Cole, Yorke or Solskjear.
And minutes later Sheringham decided to move away, then they have to sign a ST all over again
LOL, very loud at skylight.
What's LOL Pool? Is it some secret code you guys haven't been telling me about?
Nice post Sky Light .
I liked it very much .
The LOL means Laugh Out Loud by the way .
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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