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Unless he can finally learn from his mistakes then i think he should go.
Perhaps if he actually tries to organise the defence slightly from now on, making sure that they communicate and play as a unit, then we will concede less goals.
You look at Arsenal and the defenders are in control because they play as an organised unit. But i don't think that VG actually knows what to tell defenders when he coaches tactics. He just can't seem to understand this position very well. Maybe we should employ a kind of Defensive assistant coach who will be responsible for advising VG on the defenders. lol
And he also must learn to be a more cooperative person. I've never known a manager to fall out with as many players as VG does. If he treats the players properly then they will want to play for him, and then maybe his ideas will start to work a bit more.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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