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Valeriy Lobanovsky

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Apparently, one of the greatest coaches of our time, the creator of the great Dinamo Kiev team of the 80s and then the new one of the 90s, the coach of the USSR team in 1986 WC, the "father" of such great players like Blochin, Belanov, Zavarov, Protasov, Mihailichenko, and nowadays Rebrov and Shevchenko is in a critical condition in a hospital in Ukrain

My prayers go for him and his closest ...

www.acmilan.com has reported that Sheva has left his the camp in US and is on his way to Kiev ...

this is the last update on his conditionfrom www.ukrainiansoccer.net They have regular updates on the webpage ...

"As we have already informed about 9.00 pm Kyiv time on Tuesday, Dynamo Kyiv head coach Valeriy Lobanosky who felt bad after Sunday's match against Metalurh Zaporizhia was taken to the ICU of the 5th city hospital being diagnosed to undergo hypertension crisis.
On 05.11.02 at 11:00 am Valeri Lobanovsky underwent a surgery to reduce pressure in his skull, as his conditions got aggrevated. The operation was conducted by doctors who arrived from Kyiv at night. Doctors say it was a success. Now there is no urgent need to move him to Kyiv. "
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