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Well guys and gals, the last jornada in la liga is this coming Friday. Nothing is decided yet as far as the championship and next year's CL places. Forgetting this year's CL final outcome, Valencia put themselves in a very difficult situation by only tying against Celta. So now, they sit in sixth place, two points away from the 2nd place. Anything can happen next Friday.
BTW, according to a Valencian paper, we have 29% chance of qualifying (24 out of 81 possibilities will have Valencian next year's CL). That's probably much better than last year's odds.

The top of the table looks as follows:

1. Depor 66 pts
2. Barca 63 pts
3. Zaragoza 63 pts
4. Real Madrid 62 pts
5. Alaves 61 pts
6. VALENCIA 61 pts

Last jornada's games:

VALENCIA - Zaragoza
Depor - Espanol
Barca - Celta Vigo
Real Madrid - Valladolid
Athletic - Alaves

All these games will be played this coming Friday at 21:00 (Spain time).


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Scary in'nit?!

*VALENCIA - Zaragoza

Zaragoza are on a v.high morale too. If they win, not only will they be in their first ever Champions League, but should Celta beat or draw with Barça and should Depor lose, Zaragoza go champions if they win. So they'll be trying their damnest. At the same time, Valencia may be worried to injure any of their vital players.

* Depor - Espanyol

Who cares? we can't catch up with Depor now and Espanyol don't pose a threat.

* Barca - Celta Vigo

As long as we win as well, then we should hope for a Celta win.

* Real Madrid - Valladolid

Or a Valladolid win (unlikely, both teams are very close politically and I guess Valladolid will play gently)

* Athletic - Alavés

We must hope for an Athletic win... but two Basque teams together? hmmmmmm....

The main problem is, we are no longer depending on our own efforts. Valencia obviously has to win, but unfortunately we could win and not go through. It's a tricky one.

So VCF can only really guarantee they're through if they WIN against Real on Wednesday... Tricky or what?! Because unfortunately, coming 4th in the Champions and Real Madrid winning will mean we're out. Why? Because this year, 4 teams will be going from Spain to next season's CL, irrespective of whether one of the teams is going through as championship winner. Which means it makes no difference whether Real ends up 2nd in the league or 7th (still a possibility... how close is that for a final week!?!) if they win the championship and we come 4th, we're not in it next year. I think that is wrong. Of course, it does mean that other teams near the top of the table will be rooting for US since it will give them more of a chance of qualifying for the CL next season.

Bizarrely, the league could still end up with Valencia coming 2nd and Barça and Real Madrid out of next year's CL, depending on the other results, which would be funny. And what with (potentially) a 2nd division team representing Spain in UEFA next year (Atlético Madrid, if they win the cup), next season could be a lot of fun.


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Ziad: Hmm, I am worried that Valencia will take it easy as their mind is going to be on the Champions League Final. But then again if Valencia wins the CL then they won't have to sweat and think of this upcoming game on Friday.

Viva Valencia!
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