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i dont' really have any fav. spanish teams...but the game v.s barca was [email protected]!!!!!!

valence was winning 3-1 and was still takingthe initiative all the time...attacking ,attacking and attacking!!!

the only players i know very well before that game were lopez,vlaovic ,lopez and canizares!

but the kily gonzales so fast and strong shooting!!
angulo is impressive too..with 2 goals and i penalty set-up

juan somethinh..huh sanchez i think ..looks pretty gd

angloma is very old...but stilll very strong and running all the time!

if valencia doesnt' sell all their best players....they will be one of spains greats very soon!!!!

barca has so many talents-rivaldo ,de boer,litmanen,kluivert.that is the dutch national team,.but couldn't do anything yesterday!!

anyway congrats!!!

i think valencia will win the CL if the team goes on playing like that~~!!!
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