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Ola amigos y amigas! :)

I need your help....

I'm Barbara and i'm 24yrs old and I'm doing a competition in Belgium to win a holiday to Valencia & I would >>LOVE<< to go!!! It was always my dream to see Valencia play and now I have a chance.


Thats only possible if you VOTE for ME!!!

Go to this site:
Help me win a holiday to Valencia!!

Vote --> PUSH box on the left: STEM MIJ NAAR... VALENCIA!

So... please spread the word give your friends / family the link to this page and make it possible for me to go to ... :thmbup: Valencia & see my favourite players!!

Make my dream come true!! :star:
I thank you all!!
Barbara :)

Ps: sorry for posting this message on here but I need more then 3000 votes from people around the world and this is the only way to get them.

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