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The perfect serie A coach:
1- praises himself for the wins. The defeat belongs to the referee, the players, the management, the weather, the pitch in this order (cfr. Mazzarri and others).
2- wants more presents than the chairman's wife (cfr. Benitez and others)
3- has to stir some shit in press conferences (cfr. Conte and others)
4- has to be a sore loser and underlines that a coach who wins more than him has to the thank the management who spends more (cfr. Benitez)
5- has to be a sore winner as well and reminds the losses to the opponent who tries to belittle his credit (cfr. Conte)
6- pretends he never talks about the mistakes of the referees, even when he is talking about a mistake of the referee (cfr. Mazzarri and others)
7- defends his players, to the extent of pretending a punch in the face can be accidental (cfr. Garcia). Obviously, he defends his players until he has an advantage in doing it (re-cfr. Mazzarri)
8- learns quickly, good and bad things, but also gives his personal contribution to the improvement/deterioration of the race (cfr. Garcia)
9- pretends a mistake was made on purpose in order to get an advantage (cfr. Mihajlovic)
10- pretends he could have been a scholar if he had not been a football player and a coach (cfr. Mihajlovic)
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