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Useless draw with parma !

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This draw was a terrible result, now we have 3 must win games. (2 away)

And we must hope that Inter, Milan and Parma lose a few of there last 3 games to have a chance to get to the CL.

Oh, how this season has really let me down. To think that we looked like maybe winning Serie A. I am sure the Roma fans in the curva sud think the same.

Not even a Italian Cup or Uefa Cup final.

Can we still finish 4th? I hope so!
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After watching the Parma Roma highlites,
Roma certainly were the better team and were really unfortunate to not win.
I think that watching Roma near the end of the season i see players that are burnt out.
The attacking trio,without a doubt are lacking in those final touches that in the beginning would be buried in the back of the net.This also explains the injuries to Cafu and Candela that have given more than any coach could ask for,and Totti and Montella.
Personnally,i don't think Roma are going to make it.I look at the remaining games left and it looks like the Milanos have the easier teams.Although,i would like to see a small win for us fans is just to beat Milan at home,thats all i ask.With everything lost this is the least they can do.
GJC,i as well am disappointed and wish that it could of gone better,although watching Roma this year was truly a pleasure,as i'm sure any calcio lover would admit,we played some of the most attractive football in the league.
ITs funny how two games truly turned this season upside down,of course i'm talking about Juve and Leeds.
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Lads, let's cheer up.
We have got the basis of a team to challenge but it needs a squad.
In Capello we have a worthy coach.
We will not forget November and will forget March.
We CAN beat the top teams but must not treat the small clubs so generously, Calgiari etc etc.
We were the most exciting tema to watch for much of this season.
We do not have out tails between our legs after underachieving and Lazio did not win the CL.
I feel better already
I agree with you both. We were the best team to watch this year, and two games did really change the whole season for us.

The one that is a must, we need a squad. Players that can come of the bench and change the game. Not players like, Poggi, Rinaldi etc.

The off season buys will be very important, to see Emerson coming is great news.

Forza Roma
It was a really stale performance last Sat. vs. Parma. It was just one of those games where you knew by the 20th minute it was going to end 0-0. A real yawner, but some good individual efforts made, especially defensively. I don't remember Parma shooting the ball more than 2x. However, Montella must get back on track. Very disapointing.
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