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Anyone watch that same bush league performance by the Guatemalan team aided by the Mexican official?

What a joke, if the Central American countries want to be taken seriously, they better start to depend on more skill and less on hacking their opponents to death and hoping that the crowds intimidation of the referee will carrying them to a draw at home.

Three blantant calls against the US team were clearly overlooked by the Mexican offical. The first was Tony Sannah clearly taken down in the penalty box, The second was when the a second half foul in which the defender should have been sent off for his second yellow, the third was when the eventual goal scorer for Guatemala clearly ran Kasey Keller over and should have received his second yellow and would have never been on the pitch to score the last minute equalizer.

But the same thing will happen as qualification for the last the world cup when teams like Guatemala, Costa Rica, etc return to play the Team USA in the United States. The USA Federation will bring in a top European official like Colina or Grahm Poll and the Central American teams will know that if they try to hack the whole, they'll be down players in a hurry, they'll be forced to play soccer and get beat by scores of 3 to 1. They will not have the advantage of 95% heat and 95% humidity that clearly effected the US players in the second half.
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