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US playas going overseas r , 1 day.......

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LM Justin Mapp. He has more talent than Beasley. 1 of the best young US playas. Too bad he is lazy!

Buddle. He is a pure finisher ! What a big playa. This guy has it all! Too bad he is lazy!

Chad Marshall. He had offers from Hamburg , n sum italian clubs!

Danny Szetela! He is da next US star! Everton gave him a contract , n Man Sh*tty wanted him!

Gaven.. He will be da best US #10..... since Ramos!

Carlos Ruiz...This guy should be good enuff for Euro!

Pablo Mastroeni...he should be in Euro!

Moreno should of gone to Euro! Why , I dont know why!?? :confused: 1 of da best MLS playas in history
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last season one of the brightest stars for me was Alecko Eskandarian, if he has another quality season he will be on the boat to England or Germany
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