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We're making some changes to our mobile applications at the end of this month that we would like to share with you.
First, the two apps (Vertical Sports Free and Vertical Sports) are being discontinued by the software developer that created them for us. As such, those apps will not work past May 15th, 2015.

Second, we will soon be introducing a new way to access the forum through mobile applications. The new Vertical Sports app is based on our Topify in-web version, and is developed with photos and videos in mind, and allows you to save your favorite forums, receive notifications, change your theme, and access all of your favorite Vertical Sports communities.

We work very closely with the developers of this application, so we can build and add custom features as requested by the community; a luxury we did not have with the former applications. Please send us your ideas!

Lastly, we will be allowing Tapatalk users to now access the sites via their app. However, because it is not affiliated with our company, we do not provide technical assistance.

You can download the apps here:

Apple Store app:

Android Store app:

The Community Support Team
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