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rivaldo has said he don't want to move to epl
he will stay in spain or be joining some italian team.
campell was close to man utd,but not anymore
we'll see about this....

So, with Barthez now a United player, who do you think will follow him?
A defender like Ehiogu or Campbell?
An attacking midfielder like Rivaldo?
Or what about a new striker, someone like Flo or Bierhoff?

These are all players who have been linked and not my opinion, personally I think Campbell will be United's next purchase.

Post your comments.

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Yea it seems Man Utd will be waiting another season to get Campbell due to the Bosman ruling. Also I read somewhere that Utd were interested in some French defender to fill up until Campbell becomes available.
But surely a new defender is one of the highest agenda, rather than a mid or a striker, on Ferguson's shopping list.

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