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United Home In On Europe

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by Chris Bargh

LEEDS look certain to be playing in Europe and UEFA Cup football at least next season after Chelsea and Arsenal both won through to the FA Cup Final on Sunday.
The two London sides both recorded 1-0 victories over Fulham and Middlesbrough respectively meaning that the team that finishes sixth in the Premiership is certain to take up the European place made vacant by the fact that both club's look certain to qualify for Europe through the league.

As Leeds continue with their late bid to finish fourth and so qualify for the Champions League, Sunday's cup outcome couldn't have worked out better,

The all London final therefore ends United's fears that they may have faced an early return from their summer break to try to qualify for the UEFA Cup through the Intertoto Cup.

Leeds boss David O'Leary will no doubt be delighted by the semi-final Sunday results as he can now plan his summer without having to worry about cutting short his squad's close season.

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THANK GOD!!! :relieved: Europe here we come! Westham cannot catch us now!:tongue:
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Lets just hope that this doesn't mean that Leeds will take their foot off the gas and settle for 6th position, we should still see if we can make the CL.....
I couldn't agree more Footy Chick!:) We cannot just let it go, we need to conqure Chelsea and Newcastle and show em' what we are made of!:)
Do we still have to play Chelsea? I can't remember. I was expecting we'd get the spot anyway, no worries ;)
Nope. We have to play Fulham, Boro and DERBY!!! ;) :tongue: Shouldn't be too hard, but u never know...
Yeah - but i think that it can sometimes be worse playing the bottom of the table, relegation fight teams.... it certainly isn't going to be easy, I mean just look at the Derby vs Newc game...
This season we drew with both boro and Fulham, only beat derby 2-0... So they certianly have to keep their heads up.
Well as long as we win and our players don't get mutilated with injuries I'll be happy.
Yeah, I remember when Bradford were strugling to saty up. Their last match was against Liverpool, a sure win for Liverpool. Bradford beat em' 2-0 and stayed in the EPL! It won't be easy...
Although I do think that Leeds are a lot like England where they play better when they know it isn't going to be an easy ride.. otherwise they have a tendancy to sit back..

I just hope we managed to get some central defenders back... I mean I know Martyn is good, but he's not THAT good, that we can have a 2-5-3 formation.. ha ha ha..

Just also need Chelsea and Newcastle to lose... don't want much do we!!! :)
Yeah, should be easy... :tongue:
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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