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i need to be completely sure of viola's plans

is lassissi fully acquired from parma? or is he only parly-owned, borrowed?

why should viola provide a training ground for parma, to prepare another valuable starter in defence for them just in case cannavaro really leaves for lazio after next season??

also what do u think is the best striking duo or triple for us?

1) nuno gomes-leandro
2) nuno gomes-chiesa
3) nuno gomes-mijatovic
4) chiesa-leandro
5) chiesa-mijatovic
6) leandro-nuno gomes-chiesa
7) chiesa-nuno gomes-mijatovic

in my opinion, it all depends on the formation of terim but so far i think mijatovic should be the sacrifice to become a super-sub for us next season... after all i think he lost his glory ever since leaving real madrid......

lastly how come the left side is not reinforced with either bachini, felipe, vanoli, zenden?? terim isn't taking the chances with morfeo as left wing is he?? the midfield is sort of ok... with rui, cois, rossito, amarel and di livio... but i think we do need a solid young defensive midfield, which really reminds me of luccin and deschamps of the french team...

these are my thoughts.... would love to hear other opinions
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