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ULC: Liverpool - Chelsea (Apr 22)

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Venue: Anfield, Liverpool

Results in Champions League so far:

Toulouse 0 - 1 Liverpool
Liverpool 4 - 0 Toulouse

Porto 1 - 1 Liverpool
Liverpool 0 - 1 Marseille
Besiktas 2 - 1 Liverpool
Liverpool 8 - 0 Besiktas
Liverpool 4 - 1 Porto
Marseille 0 - 4 Liverpool

Liverpool 2 - 0 Inter
Inter 0 - 1 Liverpool

Arsenal 1 - 1 Liverpool
Liverpool 4 - 2 Arsenal

Chelsea 1 - 1 Rosenborg
Valencia 1 - 2 Chelsea
Chelsea 2 - 0 Schalke
Schalke 0 - 0 Chelsea
Rosenborg 0 - 4 Chelsea
Chelsea 0 - 0 Valencia

Olympiakos 0 - 0 Chelsea
Chelsea 3 - 0 Olympiakos

Fenerbahce 2 - 1 Chelsea
Chelsea 2 - 0 Olympiakos

This is the fourth successive year these two meet in Champions League and Liverpool firmly holds the upper hand.

2004/05, semifinal:

Chelsea 0 - 0 Liverpool
Liverpool 1 - 0 Chelsea

2005/06, group stage

Chelsea 0 - 0 Liverpool
Liverpool 0 - 0 Chelsea

2006/07, semifinal

Chelsea 1 - 0 Liverpool
Liverpool 1 (4) - 0 (1) Chelsea

This season teams met three times. In the League it ended with two draws (1 - 1 and 0 - 0) and in League Cup Chelsea won 2 - 0.

Michael Essien is suspended. Drogba and Ballack are both doubtful because of injuries.
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God bless Norway!
What a lucky team!:flirt:
1-1, sexy result, funny watching that fat **** on the side line asking for the chelsea players to be booked. :thumbsup: I don't think we played well on the night, defense was bad throughout. However, about the 1-0 result I wasn't worried that much, but 1-1 is just superb.
I would of, i doubt chelsea would of kept a clean sheet at stamford bridge with the poor quality of defending shown tonight, at the same time - am not sure you would of scored 3.
if we dont lost tonight we will go through i think......

if we score first then we are in a great position, coz losing 2-1 would still mean we can go thru winning 1-0 at home....

the key question is how we react if they score first, and am sure they will score today, do you remain caution and lose 1-0 or attack and risk going 2-0 down which means its over...very tricky situation for the players and needs mental toughness....

so far its 1-1 and 0-0 against them this season so both teams have no fear.....
thanks riise and kalou :pp

as i said pre-match i was certain they will score, and part of me would have been happy taking 1-0 down, 1-1 is more than we deserved...i didnt like our tactics today, drogba was totally lost with no support all game, joe cole too, lampard dodgy etc...we are much better than this (we played better than this in anfield, whether the 4-1 win or even when we lost for the ghost goal....)...anyway now its IN OUR HANDS, totally...shut up shop for 0-0 ur thru.....

3 points:

1- Kalou must start, what the fouck is grant's fetish on molouda? played 90 mints against fenerbache and we lost, today didnt create much and too ages to shoot when he had all the space on the left.....

2- Carvalho is in my eyes up there with the best if not the best in the world, saved terry's blushes a few times....

3- paulo ferrira deserves a pat on the back, always given stick but rarely actually cost us a game, today did the job against babel and was solid...

essien should replace makelele or lampard, both didnt convince me, and keep paulo right back in the next game, kalou for malouda, joe cole at home and in counter attacks a tasty propostion...

now players can face man utd with a smile on their face :happy:
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Awfull performance from everyone bar Carvalho, Cech and Riise.
Lampard; Ballack and Maka failed to control the midfield; while Ferreira got beaten nearly everytime Babel was on the wing.
Some pretty awfull defending as well. Overall very dissapointing performance but jammy none the less.

Next time drop either Ballack or Lampard in favor of Essien; Malouda should't start ahead of Kalou-despite being more "expiranced". Pumping long balls in the dieing minutes won't work 99% of the time; luckly tonight we got on the end of that 1%. Terry needs to stop fumbling around. A.Cole was beaten quite a few times by Kuyt.... We need to buy a good right back. Maka shouldnt play a full 90minutes.

Jammy match-Liverpool clearly had the edge(apart from the first 20 minutes and the last 15 or so). For the lack of luck in past seasons I'm willing to think this is karma.

Grant; luckiest guy on the face of the earth.

PS: Riise is a legend.
No problem, Great Essien will be back at RB @ Stamford Bridge.... boy, he is needed.
Meh, i'm really embarrassed about today's match. It's simply unacceptable to play like this in a Champions League semifinal, and the most important reason is YOUR FANS. For perfomances like this, Chelsea is a hated team, and it's normal.
lampard just doesnt fit in at chelsea anymore, he isnt the same player as he used to be. ballack i see as far superior to him, i thought it was ridiculous when ballack was brought off instead of lampard.

i agree kalou should start in the next game, either him or swp. essien coming back for you will give you a huge boost.

i reckon you should go for this team:

ferreira carvalho terry cole
makelele essien
cole drogba kalou
Ballack superiour? What game were you watching both were quite awfull.
Are your lot going to give Grant some credit for his substitution of Kalou for Cole? It was his cross that caused the own goal. Very good cross too.
Kalou should have been on the field in the first place. Grant fixing up his own mistakes;

The fact that we had Ferreira on the field after he has probably played 10 full games all season and the fact that we didnt change to 4-4-2 alot earlier is a huge pain. If we are going to pump long balls for 15 minutes at least have two guys upfield who can win them.
IMO Lampard can go. He is capable of get four goals against a superb team like Derby, but against great teams he does NOTHING, NOTHING AND NOTHING. Our problem is that we have a very slow midfield, and without a bit of creativity. It's simply pathetic!!!

Thank God we have Carvalho and Cech...
Ballack superiour? What game were you watching both were quite awfull.
yea i thought so - ballack showed nice touches in a very congested midfeild, was involved in a couple of your best moves. lampard- to be fair to him has a personal matter at the moment- but i just dont think he is right for chelsea at the moment, put essien in that team ahead of him and you would have a much better, more energetic midfield.

frank's mind seemed elsewhere, whereas ballack looked gutted when he was brought off, you cant afford to have players on the pitch who are not 100% focussed at this crucial stage. who would you rather start out of lamps and ballack? or do you think they are good together?
Ballack improved a bit as the second half went on up until his substitution but before that he was completely out of tune with the match.
What good moves? Basicly every second pass by Ballack was into an opposition player. Anyplayer is going to be gutted about being subbed off in a CL game.

Personally I would prefer one of them to get started-both are at the same level imo; it's not a clear cut decision as you say. Nether of the two is superiour to the other, but both are far too similar.
i was just thinking off the give and take to lampard, which frank then hit some cross/shot thing. also created a chance for himself with a nice bit of skill, tested reina. and in the first half he nicked it pass mascherano then sent out a greta ball to joe cole, i thought he just showed some good stuff when your midfeild actually got hold of the ball. i imagine with essien back, you will see more of it next week.
Kalou did exactly the things that Grant kept him on the bench. He dribbles like a fancy African and lost the ball several times in our own half (he also had some good passes and our best penetration offensively, should have gotten Mascherano a yellow too). Against other teams it's ok to let him loose but against Liverpool they will punish you for his silliness. Still, thank you Soloman for crossing low into the box like that. and thank you Riise for being you :smileani:
A draw was true a reflection of the game, both goals were lucky. Drogba and Lampard were crap, hope they will be gone this summer. We will finish them off at the Bridge. Liverpool haven't scored at the Bridge for 8 years.
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